General Educational Development or General Educational Diploma (GED®)
General Educational Development or General Educational Diploma (GED®)

Haven’t you completed your high-school education yet? Then don’t wear up a stock of anxiety. As the name signifies, GED has planned for the candidates who couldn’t complete their education due to fiscal or private conflicts.

What is General Educational Development or General Educational Diploma?

Significance: GED test has been passed by 19 million people and its transcript is accepted as globally recognized in U.S colleges. By earning GED, it allows the prospective students to earn up to $9,000 easily or more per year.

Sections Division: GED is separated into five sections in total:

  • Social Studies: This section covers certain areas like history, geography, economics and civics. It contains 50 questions with allocated time of 70 minutes.
  • Science: Mainly covers physical, life, earth and space science. It contains 50 questions with allocated time of 80 minutes.
  • Language Arts- Reading: Covers poetry, drama, prose fiction between 1920 and 1960 and prose fiction after 1960. It contains 40 questions with allocated time of 65 minutes.
  • Language Arts- Writing Part I: Comprises of organization, sentence structure, language usage and mechanics. It contains 50 questions with allocated time of 75 minutes.
  • Language Arts- Writing Part II: Second part regards clear organization, development of ideas, diction, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. It contains1 essay with allocated time of 45 minutes.
  • Mathematics: mathematics content includes number operations, geometry, statistics, algebra, and patterns. Containing 50 questions with allocated time of 90 minutes.

Eligibility Criteria: Students who are 16 years of age and not get admission in high school are eligible for GED exam.

About Exam: GED is taken in two formats:

  • Pencil-and-paper testing involves testing on answer sheet by using a booklet.
  • CAT Computer Administered testing involves testing centers on computer.
  • Canadian or international candidates are supposed to take 2002 GED test series whereas U.S. test takers will take 2014 tests series.
  • Exam is offered in English and French-Canadian and arranged for those adult learners who desire to study.
  • For more information, read Terms and Conditions at official website.

Fee Criteria: An applicant can give one test at a time and fee cost of GED test varies from location to location. For payment options, visit

Scoring Criteria: International candidates have to earn 410 in each of the five subjects and Canadian candidates are supposed to attain 450 in all subjects to earn the credential.

How to get registered/ Schedule the test? To get registered, follow certain steps:

  • Sign-up for MyGed today at
  • If a candidate meets local area testing, a yellow button of “Start scheduling” will be shown.
  • Schedule your GED test online in 24 hours by following instructions.
  • Locate nearest test center and review preparatory materials.

How to get prepared? To get prepared, follow certain steps:

  • GED testing centers allow study materials and online bookstore at
  • Purchase study materials from official site and get yourself prepared for GED exam.
  • Take complete rest before the test day.

Contact Details: For U.S. candidates, live chat option is available, for order related questions, e-mail at

For any help (International or Canadians), E-mail at

For International test-takers and, call at +1 (952) 905-7418

For Asia Pacific (APAC) Region, call at +85-2-3077-4923