High / Top Paying Jobs / Careers for Bachelor's Degrees
High / Top Paying Jobs / Careers for Bachelor’s Degrees
High / Top paid Jobs / Careers for Bachelors Degrees is all time hot topic. Every grad student is interested in knowing what he has ahead in life in terms of earning. Though career selection playes a key role in getting high paid one should also enjoy doing what he is doing. That makes your work life much earsier and relaxed. Some highly paying jobs these days after receiveing bachelors degrees are as follows.
First Career: Human Resource Specialist

Annual Earnings: $55,800

What human resource specialist job is about? People belong to this field enlisting, interviewing and hiring new employees. They also play vital role in success of any organization by conducting fresh eligible employees. Person of this field get good pay by performing proficiency in their work. As we know for a proficient work, you need to use your intellect. Now day’s companies are hiring adequate HR specialist so they can accomplish strategic purposes that will lead that particular company towards success. Industries also pay well to people belonging to this career. Person should have Bachelor’s degree for this field in subjects of business and human resources.

Second Career: Accountant

Annual Earnings: $63,550

Accountant is something that deals with money, reduce cost and enhance revenue. It is one of hottest and highly paid career now days. For an accountant career, person should have Bachelor’s or Master degree in accounting and any other related subject in order to perform great job in accounting and administration. Companies always look for confident and qualified people that can perform vital role in company’s growing needs and can suggest best financial practices.

Third Career: Software Developers

Annual Salary: $90,060

People having creative mind usually belong to software developer field. This job is about to build software’s for different applications and programs that can assist computer user in a proficient manner. Now day’s computer is use by every age group person and people are facing many problems regarding virus in their PC’s. Software Developers produce such software that saves your computer from dangerous viruses. It is most highly paid career because many companies are seeking for reliable and intelligent software developers and they paid competitive salary for that. However, this field require Bachelor’s degree in computer science field, software engineering, mathematics or any other field related to it. Software Developers normally have great intellect in computer programming.

Fourth Career: Financial Advisor

Annual Earnings: $67,520

Personal financial adviser is a job where you give financial suggestions to people so they can invest their money on right place. Financial adviser is responsible for educating their patrons by giving best solutions of their problems. Bachelor’s degree is requiring for this field in the subjects of economics, business, finance, accounting, mathematics and law. A person can be highly paid in this career, as you just need to focus on your duty i.e. to secure the money of your client from wastage by advising him/her in a proper way.

Fifth Career: Health Services Manager

Annual Earnings: $88,580

In this field, you can be highly paid if you work hard. In this field medical and health services manger are questionable for the health care facilities providing by administrations and managing finance. More experienced people perform very well in this career as comparative to fresh people. This field requires Bachelor or Master Degree in health administration. Moreover, you should be aware from certain things like public health, business administration and public administration.

Sixth Career: Social Media Manager

Annual Salary: $30-87k

Currently fourth highly paid career is Social Media Manager. Now days many companies are looking for an intelligent person for this post that can perform efficiently in social media marketing department of that company. In this career Bachelor’s degree is require if you want to get good pay. Moreover, a person can get high pay if he/she is familiar how to work on twitter, YouTube, Face book, Instagram, and have knowledge about SEO and marketing.

Seventh Career: Real Estate Agent

Annual Earnings: $20-73k

Everyone wants to have a dream home and for that, people need Real Estate Agent. Now days this career is very beneficial because you can earn enough in it. Moreover, people belonging to this career even do not need broker’s license. What they need is to have high school diploma. However, it is obvious that for a good earning hard work is basic thing. Sale of big and small houses is very common so it is one of highly paid career in this tough time.

Conclusion: A prior knowledge of highly paid careers / jobs before joining your bachelor degree is important but your interest in that job is most important. We think HR, Accounting and IT are highly paid careers as well as medical doctors. Whats your thoughts about it?