How to Compose or Select a Title for Research Paper?
How to Compose or Select a Title for Research Paper?

When we compose or select a title for research paper, following possibilities must have to be considered. A title should

  • portray the paper contents
  • discriminate from other papers which are having alike topics
  • grasp reader’s concentration and interest
  • be searchable on the internet so that people can find your paper and cite it

When people start research they perform an intensive review of the literature. We suppose that our work is good, if other finds paper early that would evade him to repeat our work and will encourage them do further research on that topic. A well created title is on the way to execution. As for as the length of title is concerned, long titles are good, but short title not only express full description but also remain unknown in global networks. So, it is very important that the statements which are provided in the paper must reflect the title of research paper. People will not find your paper unless proper keywords are not being used in the title of paper [1].

An example is provided below to understand the composition of title for research paper. Assume that there is a research paper about robotics. In earlier research method it depends on deterministic methods and now we have discovered Probabilistic Path finding method. Now the title might be Probabilistic Path finding: Beyond Deterministic Methods for Navigation in Rough Terrain. It is noticeable that the old paper contains Deterministic method while new paper contains new idea of Probabilistic method. Conclusively, the title composition of meaningful title is very important, which not only differentiate but also gives a proper searching path for the readers seeking for the respective research paper.

It is basically a bad idea to choose a provoking title alone. For example What are the ants doing? But if we do like this What are the ants doing? Vision-based tracking and reconstruction of control programs. Now it becomes more clear and provocative.

A strong and useful title for research paper creates people to stick around. For example ‘GRAMMPS: A generalized mission planner for multiple robots in unstructured environments.’ If people actually wish to read titles that contain a colon. i.e. two part description of paper title, than you should go for that idea. Household robotics: autonomous devices for vacuuming and lawn mowing

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