How to do research?

Research is usually focused on solving a problem or addressing an issue or answering a question that can be done usually by performing following steps.

1)     Select a specific topic in a research domain

2)     Identify a problem/issue/question with the help of people who are related to your study and needs a solution.

3)     Once you are clear about the problem/issue/question you have to search for what has already been done by reading latest research papers, listen to experts’ talks, and check for research group pages doing same study.

4)     Now you are almost clear what you have to do so devise/adopt a method by carefully planning the time and cost to execute it.

5)     Compare your results with the existing methods in order to discuss the differences and justify usefulness of your method.

6)     Write what you did and submit it so that it can be evaluated by the experts in that field in order to know the worth properly submit only in well known journals or conferences of your area of research. There are several advantages of publishing such as more people can benefit from your research work and you can play publish or perish game for survival in academia.

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