Humphrey Davy Inventor of Davy Miner Lamp
Humphrey Davy Inventor of Davy Miner Lamp

Biography of Humphrey Davy

Early Life

Humphrey Davy inventor of Davy miner lamp is one of the very well known chemical scientists. He is mostly known as his very famous invention of Davy Miner Lamp. If we say that, this was only the invention which led him to be considered as a successful inventor, then it would not be as lamer.  He was English by the nationality and was born in the year of 1778. His place of birth was as Penzance, Cornwall which is located in United Kingdom. His father’s name was John Tonkin who was the adopted father by his mother. Edmund Davy who is a very famous scientist and the inventor of Acetylene was his cousin by relation.


He started his formal education from local school of Penzance and after studying there for some years, he moved to Truro Grammar School in the year of 1793, when he was almost 15 years of age. He completed his higher secondary school education over there and in the same duration, his caring father died but he continued his education. His field of study was chemistry in the university later on, and he graduate in the field. His interest in chemistry was much wide that he used to say it as his passion. With studying the chemistry, Humphrey was not only limited to science studies but on the other hand, he was a very good poet too.


After completion his education in the field of chemistry, he started his formal career in the same field. He started his job as a professor in the Royal institution but before that, he worked on some smaller ranks in different locations and in different institutions. Soon he was joined by his cousin as an assistant. His interest in inventions was much worthy that he always kept trying to invent something new.

Inventor of Davy Miner Lamp

Humphrey Davy is considered as the inventor of Davy Miner Lamp and he is widely credited for this thing. He invented this thing and it made him a well known scientist. Though he holds many other inventions too, in his record but the most known and the one, for which he is known is that of Davy Miner Lamp.

Davy Miner Lamp

Davy lamp can be considered as a safety lamp which is used in certain specific conditions and environments. The atmosphere, in which this lamp is used the most, is that of inflammable atmospheres. This lamp consists of a wick lamp and its composition is that it includes a flame too which is in a mesh screen by enclosing it over there. It was to be used in the mines of coal at that time and vegetable oil was used in it.


He died in the year of 1829 on May 29th. He was almost 50 years of age at the time of his death.