James Dewar Inventor of Thermos Flask
James Dewar Inventor of Thermos Flask

Biography of James Dewar

Early Life

James Dewar inventor of thermos flask was a famous physicist and chemist too. He is known for his invention of thermos flask and whenever his name is used anywhere, it is known by this invention of him. He was a Scottish by the background and was born in Kincardine on Forth which is located in Scotland. He was born in the year of 1842 in the month of September on the day 20th. He was the youngest child of his parents who had other five children too. He was very young when he lost his parents in the age of just 15 years. This incident didn’t divert his attention from his studies and he completed his education later on.


He started his formal education from local town school and studied there for many years. This routine got disturbed for a couple of months when his parents died and he had to leave the school. Later on, he got back to his studies and was admitted in Dollar academy. For further education, after that, he moved to Edinburgh University which was a top class and high rank institute at that time, in Scotland. His instructor over there was Lord Play fair who helped him a lot in his practical career and even in studies.


After the completion of his studies in the field of chemistry and physics, he started his professional career. He accepted a job of professorship in the year of 1875 in Cambridge University and his teaching subjects were as natural and experimental philosophy, which are now known as physics. Moving further he joined the Royal institution and became a well known member over there who worked a lot in the field of physics. He started to invent different things over there and soon came with his most known invention.

Inventor of Thermos Flask

James Dewar is widely credited as the inventor of Thermos Flask and this invention led him to the peaks of successes in this career further on. He invented numerous things in his duration in the Royal Institution but the one as mentioned above is the most famous work by him in the field of physics.

Thermos Flask

Thermos flask is sometimes considered as a vacuum flask too and its other names are as Dewar flask and Dewar bottle just named after its inventor. It is one of the common household accessories, which is used in almost every kitchen. It can be said as an insulated vessel, whose work is to keep anything lengthy for long time in terms of, if it is hotter or colder. It is generally used to keep the temperature of anything stored in it, as same as it is, for a long run.


He died in the year of 1923 on March 27th. He was almost 80 years of age at the time of his death.