James Jimmy Iovine Founder of Universal Music Group
James Jimmy Iovine Founder of Universal Music Group

Biography of James Jimmy Iovine

Early Life

James Jimmy Iovine founder of Universal Music Group (UMG Recordings, Inc.) (UMG) was born on 11th March, 1953 in Brooklyn, New York City, the United States of America. His father was James Iovine Sr., who was a longshoreman. In his early life he entered into music production field. After some time in the field of music production he came in contact of a songwriter. That songwriter gave him a job at a recording studio. His job was to clean records in that studio.

But once he got into that studio, he became a professional in 1972. Overall in his carrier, he is the part of around 250 music albums which came under his production house.

Early Career

In his early carrier in the music industry he firstly became a recording engineer and worked with several musicians and music producers that were famous in that era.

Founder of Universal Music Group (UMG Recordings, Inc.)

This Company was initially started a way back from his birth in 1934. In 1934 a music company was launched with the name of Decca Records. The origins of the Universal Pictures film studio can be drawn from that records company. This music company with the name of Universal Music is also a part of Decca Records, because Universal Film Studios emerged from Decca Records and Universal Music emerged from the Universal Film Studios, so directly or indirectly this company belongs to that family of Decca Records. Now the question is that as the company is started in 1930s and the birth of Jimmy was in 1950s, so how it is possible that a person can be a founder of a company before his birth. The answer is very simple that, although he is not the initial founder of the company but after the company was formed and he was emerging as a music producer in the later 70s, during that time the company came under his influence and his services for the company made him the spiritual founder of the company leaving behind its original founder.

Universal Music Group (UMG) Recordings, Inc.

Universal Music Group (UMG Recordings, Inc.) (UMG) is a multinational company of the United States of America in the field of entertainment and music production. It’s headquarter is based in the United States but it is owned by French persons.

As far as ranking is concerned this company is the largest company of the world in terms of Music Corporation. It also owns a subsidiary with the name of Universal Music Publishing Group, that subsidiary is also ranked in terms of publishing company in the world. It is the second largest publishing group of the world.

This company is under the control of a French multinational conglomerate Vivendi and is a subsidiary of that company. Its global corporate headquarters is based in the city of the United States, Santa Monica, California. This is the largest music company of the world.

Present Day Life

He received a doctorate degree from the University of Southern California, which was an honorary degree as Doctor of Music given to him on 17th May, 2013.

He sold Beat Electronics Company on 28th May, 2014 to Apple Inc. That company was founded by him in 2006. He was hired on a position in that company by Apple.