James Joseph Truchard Founder of National Instruments Corporation
James Joseph Truchard Founder of National Instruments Corporation

Biography of James Joseph Truchard

Early Life

James Joseph Truchard founder of National Instruments Corporation was born in Austin County, Texas on 25th June, 1943. His parents had seven children at all and he was number fourth from those seven siblings. His father was Joe Truchard and his mother was Lillie Schneider. He did his majors of education in the field of electrical engineering. He did his B. S. from the University of Texas at Austin in the field of physics. After completing his bachelors he was enrolled into master’s program in the same university and the same field. After completing his M. S. he further studied for becoming a Ph. D. He was a Ph. D. in the field of electrical engineering which he did from the same University of Texas which was located in Austin.

This was all about his educational background. Soon after completing his studies he became a managing director of the division of acoustical measurements at the U. T. Applied Research Laboratories.

Founder of National Instruments Corporation (NI)

While his stay at the Applied Research Laboratory of the U. T., two years of his life passed away in a blink of an eye. He was working with some of his colleagues on a project given by the U.  S. Navy. It was a research project and in that he was accompanied by two other companions named Jeff Kodosky and Bill Nowlin.

While researching all of the researchers were unhappy about the method of collecting data for research because there was not any such type of device or instrument that could secure the data. Although that project for the U. S. Navy enabled him to use the computer technology in his carrier but his eager to made such type of device which help them in the process of data collection during a research lead him to open a workshop at his garage in 1976. He was not alone there but other two partners were also there. So in that scenario a new company was founded by them named as the National Instruments. Although there were three main persons involved in its formation but he was the mastermind of the project so credits for the formation of such a company went into his pocket.

After its opening they hired its first employee in 1977. The work of that person was to make transactions successful and talk with customers on behalf of the company and engaged in the dealings of the company.

National Instruments Corporation (NI)

National Instruments is a multinational company of the United States in the field of technology and related hardware manufacturing. It is simply known with its initials as NI. It’s headquarter is located in Austin, Texas. This company is involved in the manufacturing of automated test equipment used in research, simulated instrumentation software. All the products of the company are especially designed for the users to help in the research process, which included data collection, controlling instruments, and machine visionary process.

Today this company had become a giant corporation and sold its products to different companies throughout the world which exceeded the number of thirty-five thousand. After selling its products to over 35,000 firms of the world this company earned revenue of $1.12 billion U.S. Dollars in the year of 2012.

Later Life

After the success of his company National Instruments he is living his remaining live in serving and working at the different positions of the company. He married to Lee and both had four children. His wife Lee died in 2012 after suffering from illness for a long time.

At present time he is residing at his house in Austin, Texas near Lake Austin.