Jan Koum Founder of WhatsApp
Jan Koum Founder of WhatsApp

Biography of   Jan Koum

Jan Koum (Ukraine, conceived February 24, 1976) is an American web business person and PC engineer. He is the CEO and fellow benefactor with Brian Acton of WhatsApp, a versatile informing application which was gained by Face book Inc. in February 2014 for US$19 Billion. In 2014, he entered the Forbes rundown of the 400 wealthiest Americans at position 62, with an expected worth of more than seven and a large portion of billion dollars. He was the most astounding positioned newcomer to the rundown that year

Early Life

Koum was conceived in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is Jewish. He experienced childhood in Festive, outside Kyiv, and moved with his mom and grandma to Mountain View, California in 1992, where a social bolster system helped the family to get a little two-room apartment, at the age of 16. His dad had expected to join the family later, however at long last stayed in Ukraine At first Koum’s mom acted as a sitter, while he himself filled in as a cleaner at a staple.


By the age of 18 he got to be occupied with programming. He enlisted at San Jose State University and at the same time worked at Ernst & Young as a security analyzer.

In February 1996, a limiting request was allowed against Koum in state court in San Jose, California. An ex point by point episodes in which she said Koum verbally and physically debilitated her. In October 2014, Koum said in regards to the controlling request, “I am embarrassed about the way I acted, and embarrassed that my conduct constrained her to make lawful move.”


In 1997, Jan Koum was procured by Yahoo as a framework engineer, not long after he met Brian Acton while working at Ernst & Young as a security analyzer. Throughout the following nine years, they worked at Yahoo. In September 2007 Koum and Acton left Yahoo and took a year off, going around South America and playing extreme Frisbee. Both connected, and fizzled, to work at Face book. In January 2009, he purchased an iPhone and understood that the then-seven-month-old App Store spoke the truth to generate an entire new industry of applications. He went to his companion Alex Fishman and the two spoke for quite a long time about Koum’s thought for an application over tea at Fishman’s kitchen counter. Koum very quickly picked the name WhatsApp in light of the fact that it seemed like “what’s up,” and after a week on his birthday, Feb. 24, 2009, he fused WhatsApp Inc. in California.

WhatsApp got to be prominent in only a little measure of time, and this got Face book’s consideration. Face book’s originator Mark Zuckerberg initially reached Koum in the spring 2012. The two started meeting at a coffeehouse in Los Altos, California, then started a progression of suppers and strolls in the slopes above Silicon Valley.

On February ninth, Zuckerberg requested that Koum eat at his home, and formally proposed Koum an arrangement to join the Face book board. His mom kicked the bucket in 2000 of malignancy in the United States, while his dad passed on in Ukraine in 1997.


WhatsApp is a texting application for cell phones that works under a membership plan of action. The exclusive, cross-stage application utilizes the Internet to send instant messages, pictures, feature, and client area and sound media messages.In January 2015, WhatsApp was the most internationally mainstream informing application with more than 600 million dynamic clients. In April 2015, WhatsApp came to 800 million dynamic users. In September 2015 the client base has grown up to 900 million.

WhatsApp Inc., situated in Mountain View, California, was obtained by Facebook on February 19, 2014, for roughly US$16 billion


Today Jan Koum is 37 years of age, one of the wealthiest men in the online networking industry, yet as thinking back, in a positive light, on the basic life that he had in the Ukraine and how his vision of moment straightforward informing has changed the life of many millions.