Joseph Albert Campbell Founder of Campbell Soup Company
Joseph Albert Campbell Founder of Campbell Soup Company

Biography of Joseph Albert Campbell

Early Life

Joseph Albert Campbell founder of Campbell Soup Company was born in Bridgton, New Jersey, the United States of America on 15th of May in 1817. His educational background is somehow hidden from the world but we can say that he had enough education.

Business Career

He started his business career as a fruit merchant. He used to trade in fruits in his native town in Bridgetown, New Jersey.

Founder of Campbell Soup

He founded his own company in 1869 which was related to foods and that company was later on known as Campbell’s Soup. He opened that business with partnership which he made with Abraham Anderson. That partnership was ended after several years and he became sole owner of the company.

Campbell Soup

Campbell Soup Company is a company of America in the field of food. The headquarters of this company is located in Camden, New Jersey. The main products or we can say that the core material or food which is being used by the company is canned soups and other related items. This is very much expanded business and is run in so many countries. If we count the number of countries then there are 120 countries of the world in which this company’s products are being consumed.

This company is divided into three main divisions. These divisions are; first division is simple meals, in this division there is simply ready to serve and condensed soup are included, the second division is of baked snacks, this division contains Pepperidge Farm and third and last division is of health beverage division, in these division there are a number of healthy juices are included which are named as V8 juices.

The founder of this company also runs a program for school students on the behalf of the company and that program is named as Labels for Education.


After serving in his company on strategic positions he eventually died on 27th March, 1900. His funerals took place in his residency. His body is buried in a graveyard named Woodlands Cemetery, Philadelphia.