Biography of Kavin Systrom

The founder of Instagram Kavin Systrom (conceived on December 30, 1983). He is the businessman and software engineer of United State of America. He is most familiar on the establishment or as the chief executive officer of Instagram, which is the application of sharing pictures and online videos. This dedicated website work for iPhone, smart phones or tablet computers, this application grant the people to enhance their photos and let share to other websites like Flicker, Twitter, Face book and Tumbler.

Early Life

Kavin Systrom birth year is 1983 and the place of birth is Holliston, Massachusetts. Kavin father name is Diane (Pels), his father is good market manager in the company of Zipcar and Douglas Systrom. Kavin father is the Vice president of TJX companies. Kavin mother parents were the part of The First Congregational Church of Hancock. Kavin got schooling from the Middlesex School which place in Concord, Massachusetts. At this school he knows about the software engineering. Kavin interest became high from playing Doom 2 or he made his personal levels in his childhood.


Kavin Systrom successfully completed his degree of management science and engineering in 2006 from the Stanford University. In this university, Kavin made his self a subscriber of Sigma Nu fraternity. Kavin got his start in working of websites when he selected to take part in the Mayfield Fellows Program. In which he have to perform with highly prestigious. This program gave him chance to work in Odeo, the company which are the organizer of Twitter.


Kavin Systrom started work on Google in 2006 after his degree completion. He worked on Google in the post of market manager of product associates. Kavin give his services to establishment of Spreadsheets, G-mail, and Google Calendar and on Docs. Kavin gave his two years of career to Google.

Kavin started work on Nextstop to left the Google. A site consult which start to work from ex-Googlers and they hired by the Facebook 2010. Kavin make a plan to adjust the site check –ins with social popular games. Kavin found the rough picture of Burbon to show how it looks like after implementing this adjustment, for this Kavin fling it to two different parties in the ceremony i.e. Baseline Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz. The meeting was not successfully done so Kavin decided to leave this job to got the Burbon.

After this both parties agreed to do work on Burbon with Kavin. They sent $500,000 to Kavin for the establishment of Burbon. However, Kavin and Mike Krieger made Burbon, with 5 HTML service of check-in, with this site Kavin and Mike gave the people facility to do what they want to do. From this people could check out different location for visit, they make their future plans with friends to make fun, they sent pictures to other sites and it include many other things which people can get.

Moreover, Kavin and Mike go back to their Mayfield Fellows Program and they found that   Burbon consist on so many functions and the people don’t want any difficult site. From now both they take decision to enhance one part of Burbon i.e. photo-sharing. So the establishing of Burbon made the invention of Instagram. Instagram take time of one month to become familiar among the people of 1 million. After one year, the Instagram become more useable among 10 million people.


To get the success of Burbon Kavin made different sites which include photo and video sharing functions. The site name came from the two words i.e. instant and telegram. Kavin selected in 2013 for Frobes thirty out of thirty categories from social mobile services. Kavin declare the Instagram in October 6, 2010 at San Francisco with the help of Mike Kreiger. Instagram become one of the most highly spreading convenient for people at every time.


Instagram stuck the 80 million people at the time of July 6, 2012. After the time of two years or less than two years for declaration of Instagram, the Facebook bought it in $1 billion. Kavin Systorm said that the purpose of establishment of Instagram is not only to share photos or vedios but the main purpose is to make the people closer to each other. In December 30, the Instagram covered the 300 million people.