Leo Mechelin Founder of Nokia
Leo Mechelin Founder of Nokia

Biography of Leo Mechelin

Early Life

Leo Mechelin Founder of Nokia was born in year of 1839 on November 24th in Hamina, Finland. He was not a scientist in fact and he was a statesman, professor and senator in Finland. He is widely credited as the founder of Nokia which is a largest selling cellular company all over the world. He started his early education in his town school where he studied his primary school from 1844 to next 5 years. After that, he moved to Juries school. After his initial education he earned his Master’s degree in mining in 1863. His father was a miner by profession and that is why Leo Mechelin also thought to develop his career in the board of Mines of the Finland.

Career Change

He was granted a Finnish government scholarship after his Master’s degree. Under this scholarship, he started studying further about metals in Finnish school of metals in years of 1864 and 1865. After this he was appointed as a Mining engineer but after working just for some months he changed his career plans while his visits to ground wood mill. That was a new invention at that time and it was used as a factory to produce raw material for paper of wood.

Founder of Nokia

In those days, the use of paper was increasing day by day in all over the world and for this purpose the production of paper was increasing day by day. There was a need to supply wood on a large scale for the production of raw material for paper by using the food. In that time, Leo Mechelin founded the Nokia Company in 1871 with one of his students named as Fredrick Idestam. After the foundation of his company, he started supplying wood for this purpose and became a very famous businessman of this field. His co-founder of Nokia Fredrick helped him a lot to increase shares of Nokia.


Formerly Nokia was such a company which was working for supply of woods to the paper producers. Later on, the Nokia Company changes its business with the demands of time. In final days of 20th centuries and initial days of 21st century, the company changed its stream to mobile technology and started producing cell phones. Nokia launched many cell phones in the final days of the last century and Nokia is improving quality of its cell phone day by day. In the past Nokia is one of the largest selling mobile producer companies in many countries of the world. But as the Nokia didn’t adopted the new technology and didn’t produce android phones due to this it fails to meet to the changing demand of the market. And now it is left with small amount of users.


Leo Mechilin was neither any scientist or telecommunication technology expert nor he knew that Nokia will start producing cell phones. He died in Helsinki, Finland on January 26 in the year of 1914. At the time of his death, he was almost 71 years of age.