Leslie H. Wexner Founder of Bath & Body Works
Leslie H. Wexner Founder of Bath & Body Works

Biography of Leslie H. Wexner

Early Life

Leslie H. Wexner founder of Bath & Body Works, LLC was born in Dayton, Ohio, America on 8th September, 1937. He belonged to a family of Jews of Russia who migrated to the United States of America. After completing his early education from the local schools of his hometown he got admission in the Ohio State University. From that university he completed his graduation in the field of business administration. There he joined Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity and became its member. He also became a student at a law school for shorter period of time but he left the education of law earlier from the supposed time period.

Working Life

He left the education before its completion for joining the business of his parents and helping in that business. His family business was a store in a shopping center of Columbus, Ohio.

Founder of Bath and Body Works, LLC

He wanted to open a store of his own and for this purpose he borrowed money from his aunt. That was an amount of only five thousand dollars. He opened a store with the name of The Limited. He named the store as limited because it was a store which provided clothes to only the portion of market which was younger people. That shop expanded into business and later on became Bath and Body Works.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works, LLC is a company of America in the field of retail store of general household items. The products of this shop are marketed with the brand name of L Brands because in history the name of the shop was Limited Brands. This is the subset of The Limited stores. It was initially started in a shopping center located in New Albany, Ohio in 1990. Throughout the period of time the business expanded and grown into a larger company and brand name and now the store is well-developed and performing its operations at different locations of the United States and it is also expanded in Canada.

The products of the store included lotions, shower gels, perfumes and other general items.