Louis Pasteur Proposer of Classification System
Louis Pasteur Proposer of Classification System

Biography of Louis Pasteur

Early Life

Louis Pasteur Classification System biologist was born in a town named as Dole in France on 27 December, 1822. He was a biologist and his work in different fields led those fields to the modern techniques and studies. His father Jean Joseph Pasteur was also a scientist that is why the Pasteur’s interest in chemistry and biology started in very early days of his life. He got his early education from a primary school in his home town in 1931. His early interests except chemistry and biology were sketching and fishing. After his early education, he moved to Paris to because he was admitted in an institution named as barbet over there. He got a medical degree in 1942 and received a license one year later.


Louis Pasteur was very young when he worked for different fields significantly but his work about chemistry is not considered as much important he did for biology. He started his job as a teacher in Dijon and after that he taught at University of Strasburg. He joined University of Lille as a professor in year of 1854.  He worked in chemistry also as he found out the nature of Tartaric acid in details and explored its properties in 1849.


After that, he tried to synthesize the component tartaric in a less expensive way because the synthesizing of Tartaric acid at that time was carried out through a very complex and expensive way. Louis Pasteur work in field of microbiology was considered as the base of this field of biology. He was the very first person who proved that every kind of disease is caused by microorganisms. He was an intellectual biologist who proved the theory of Abiogenesis as wrong. This theory believed that smaller organisms e.g. rats, mosquitos and insects can be created from non living things.

Inventor of Classification system

As we know that there are almost 1 million types of species living in this world and of them only 33% are found till yet. To study these things in details there was a need to classify these organisms on the basis of their characteristics into different groups. Very firstly, Aristotle classified organisms into two basic classes as animals and plants but this kind of classification was not clear enough. Louis Pasteur was the person who classified different organisms on their similar characters into five kingdoms and his classification is still applied and studied in biology.


Louis Pasteur was the scientist who found the vaccine of rabies very firstly. This great influential scientist and biologist died on 28 September, 1895 in the age of 73 years.