Biography of Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

Early Life

Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson Founder of DC Comics, Inc. was born in Greenville, Tennessee on 4thJanuary, 1890. His father died when he was in his very early age and he was raised up by his mother. After the death of his father his family moved to the New York City. There his mother developed her carrier as a journalist. He spent his childhood on a horse ranch which was located in Washington. He attended the military academy with the name of The Manlius School located in DeWitt, New York. After that he joined the U. S. Cavalry in 1917 as a second lieutenant. In a way we can say that he started his carrier in the military and after that he turned his attention towards the field of journalism.

Founder of DC Comics, Incorporation

He was very much inspired from writing as his mother belonged to that field of journalism. In his military carrier he used to write about military topics which were non-fiction topics. He wrote many short stories in that time and after writing so many stories and novels he eventually opened his own publication company of the novels with the name of Wheeler- Nicholson, Incorporation which was later on named as DC Comics, Incorporation.

DC Comics, Incorporation

DC Comics Incorporation is a company of America in the field of entertainment, novel and comic publications. This is the publishing unit of DC Entertainment. That comes under the badge of Warner Bros. This is regarded as one of the most successful companies of the United States of America which is being working for the publication of comics, books and material featuring fiction characters. These characters included Superman, Cyborg, Hawkgirl, Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman etc.

There are some comics who are featured as superhero team and these also belong to this publication house. The names of such sort of comics are the Justice League, Teen Titans, Justice Society and others.


He died in 1965. In the history of America he possessed a dual character one was of the military man and other was of a child who engages himself in the world of fantasy.


He was a man of great importance in the history of America as he was a patriotic person because he joined army for defending his country. And he also contributed in the field of entertainment and due to this reason he is a renowned person.