In the past much importance is not given to education but nowadays education is vital for success in life. Much part of a person is spend while getting education so in must know that what he/she will get after effort and money in education. In 21st century teenagers are acting wisely all they are the need of proper guideline. In this the top 8 master’s degree are discussed that can earn well. A person should be very careful in making choice of the career. Career should be selected after analysis of its scope, financial impact and interest. Below are the eight masters degrees earn the most money may be over $150K per year.

  1. Doctor’s

Doctors diagnose, treat disease through operation or through medication. Doctors are highly paid. They can be specialized in any field i.e. surgeon, pediatric, gynecologist and medical specialist. Their pay is $210,710.

  1. Petroleum Engineer

This course is amalgamation of physics, thermodynamics, math’s and Chemistry. Petroleum Engineers are concerned with digging of oil and gas, method used for digging, equipment’s used and the find out the reason of formation of oil and gas. Their pay is $185,200.

  1. Specialization as an Anesthetist

The people like nurses or doctor after MBBS can do specialization in anesthesia. Anesthesia is used to faint a person before operation. This is also a highly paid job. Their job is to give anesthesia to the patient in controlled amount. Although it is a complex and risky job but not for those who are properly trained and are certified.  Their pay is $181,860.

  1. Flea Market Controlling

The marketing of a product is plays a very important role in success or in failure of that product. A much importance should be paid to marketing. In this degree the ways of marketing are taught. There is a separate branch of marketing in every organization. Their pay is   $171,390.

  1. Biochemistry

It is study of all the chemical activities underlying in human body. All the diseases are cured by dealing and studying these chemical reactions. Their job is to manage the laboratory and checking that all the tests are conducted under controlled conditions. Their pay is $165,210.

  1. IT expert

 IT field in making tremendous growth day by day. Due to its growth the need of manpower also increases. IT expert include software engineer, hardware engineer, programmers, graphic designer, computer engineer, networking and requirement engineer. These are only few fields which are present in IT. In addition to these fields there are number of fields. There average pay is $161,520.

  1. Master in Business Administrative

In this degree your business skills are polished with the help of projects and by teaching all the subjects which are necessary for being a successful business man. In this degree you are taught to manage humans, recruiting, hiring, being innovative, check the scope and feasibility of the business you are going to start. They work as a Chief Accountant Officer. Their average pay is $117,335 per year.

  1. Mathematician

He/she is responsible for solving all the problems which are related with computer, artificial intelligence, business, programming problems, statistical problems and scientific problems. A much work is done by mathematician. Their pay is $99,400.


Be selective in choice of your career because it plays an important role in quality of your life. Career defines the path you are going to follow for earing and that path should be respectable. What is your your favorite master degree to earn more money?