Nine Interesting Things your Hands Say about your Health
Nine Interesting Things your Hands Say about your Health

Although each part of human body is of remarkable value, but hands are of supreme value. Each and every activity of our daily routine involves making use of hands, like while interacting with others we shake hands, while eating, shopping and many more. Basically hands are hidden doors to our health and personality.

According to Carl Jung

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that intellect has struggled with in vain”

Facts related to Hand

The appearance of our hands and nails tell us great deal of information related to diseases, allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies a person is suffering from.

Palmar Erythema

If a person palms remain red all the time then there is a need to get a medical checkup, because reddening of palms might be due to palmar erythema, a condition that is related to liver disease. Main reason for it might be high blood pressure. If the pressure is applied on palm, color may turn to white for short duration before returning to red again.

Raynaud’s Disease

It is more important for individual who live in area with freezing temperature particularly women. When a person is exposed to extreme cold the finger and toes turn blue/ white due to reduced blood supply to these areas. Best treatment is to soak hand in warm water and along with it proper treatment is also required.

Calcium Deficiency

One of the indicators of calcium deficiency is soft, easily broken and dry nails as well as dry hairs. Best treatment is to take diet rich in calcium as well as it is necessary to take vitamin either through food or as a supplement.

Fingertip Appearance

If person fingertips are rounded and thick, then it might be an indicator that person is suffering from some problem related to heart and lungs. So it is the time to visit a doctor.

Length of Finger

It is an interesting piece of information that length of finger is an important indicator of health. For e.g. index finger length is indicative of cancer related issues, like if a men have long index finger than there are low chances of prostate cancer in men.

Swollen Hands and Sweaty Palms

If a person has problem related to thyroid functioning then condition of the hand can serve as an indicator of the problem. If palms are too much sweaty or if hands and finger are swollen to the extent that person is unable to carry out normal functioning then it is a warning sign that something is wrong, a  checkup is required.


It is a condition in which joints of fingers appears to be deformed. It is often associated with pain. In severe cases surgery is recommended, while in case of minor deformation simple treatments like applying ice can be useful.


Fungal disease is very common. If person nails appears to be yellow then it is indicator of fungal disease. If your nails are dry, easily broken then it might be an indicator that your thyroid is not properly functioning. Nails that are of extreme white color might indicate liver problem like hepatitis.

Cold Hands

Hands with fingers often turning purple in color may be due to stress, even low blood pressure or insufficient amount of blood supply in different parts of body.Raynaud’s disease may be one of the cause of cold hands.

Hand Shaking / Tremors

Trembling hands might be an indicator of some neurological or degenerative problem like Alzheimer’s.


This is a condition in which person has enlargedand swollen hands. It might be due to over activation of pituitary gland in our body, it might be secreting too much of hormone than actually required.

Chewed Fingers

If the skin around fingers is bitted or finders are chewed then it might be an indicator of nervousness or anxiety.