Giving an interview is not easy task. The contestant has to face many challenges in order to be selected and hired. And the main hazard while giving interview is the sort of questions which are asked by the hiring authorities. The recruiter may go out of way just to check interpersonal skills of the candidate. These unusual questions mentioned below are asked just to check the confidence, leadership, communication skill and to check the intelligence of the applicant. Here we present 10 odd / weird job interview questions and there answers.

Questions asked frequently

  1. Without seeing back wall of the room tell the color of back wall?

This question is asked just to check common sense and alertness of the candidate. Be confident and without getting nervous answer the question. It is obvious that color of back wall will be same as front wall. So try to control your nerves and be attentive.

  1. What is the number of red cars in this country?

This type of question is asked to check your estimation. The recruiter will not check the correctness of your answer instead he/she will check your way of answering. Give an educated estimate with the help of statistics.

  1. How will you describe the difference between red and green color to a colorblind person?

In this question there is no need to apply any kind of technique or to think too much. Just trust your knowledge and give the recruiter a confident reply that the colorblind person is unable to distinguish between red and green.

  1. What will be your reaction on seeing a tiger in front of you?

This is asked to check that how you will manage any risk or unforeseen conditions. Because there are much challenges that have to be faced by a person while doing job. This is just a test to check that how stress is managed by the candidate.

  1. What will be your aims on being selected as a Prime Minister for a week?

This is asked to check your aims and ambitions, your mental development and your sincerity towards your country. And the feelings of loyalty are checked by this question.

  1. How many windows/doors and rooms are present in this office?

This is asked just to check your power of estimation and the relevance of your answer. Answer such type of question in an educated way.

  1. What are your hobbies?

This is check to check your mental development and your interests. And to judge the social activity performed by the candidate. This question will give a complete image of candidate personality to the hiring authorities.

  1. When was the last call dialed from your cell phone?

This is to check candidate’s short term memory, way of answering and alertness. For this there is no need to check the cell phone.

  1. If you are a recruiter whom you will hire, and why?

With the help of this question candidate’s decision power is checked. Give proper logic of the answer.

  1. If you are given an opportunity to be paid without doing work what will be your answer?

This is use to check candidates materialistic approach. This is done in order to check that whether the candidate is desirous or loyal to his/her work.

You have any odd job interview questions in mind let us know.