Paul Dubrule Founder of Accor
Paul Dubrule Founder of Accor

Biography of Paul Dubruel

Early Life

Paul Dubruel founder of Accor is a famous French businessman and entrepreneur. He bore in the year of 1934 on July 6th in Tourcoing in Northern France. He started his early education in his local town school in the age of just 5 years. Later on for formal education, he joined Lavelle College, where he studied for more than six years. He graduated from that institute and later on, for further education of business, he joined University of Geneva which is located in New York State in Unite States of America. He earned his business degree from there and started working as a professional.

Initial Career

After his education completion, he had to start his own career as his family was facing serious financial problems and in that regard, his father supported him hardly to complete his education. He felt that, it is his duty now to take load of his family on his shoulders. For this purpose, firstly he tried to find a job and after sometime he got one. His first job was in a superstore as a counterman and later on he did many jobs.

Co Founder of Accor

Paul Dubrule is widely credited as co founder of Accor. After his initial career as a counterman in a superstore he changed many jobs and now he was living in United States of America at that time with Gerard Pellison. Both of the guys were working in major computer firms as engineer and were good friends. They shared their ideas of starting their own business of hotel industry to cover the travel industry of France. In this regard, they went into business together and co founded the SIEH which was the first hotel of Accor group of hotels.


Accor was co founded by Gerard Pelisson and Paul Dubrule in the year of 1967. The company was founded with its first office in Massachusetts.  The main idea behind this company was of getting the hold of hotel and travel industry of France which was basically idea of Gerard Pelission and was fully supported by Paul. Initially, they started their chain of hotels of Accor with its first hotel named as SIEH which was a family hotel. Generally Accor is a hospitality resort and hotel sector chain with its branches in more than 92 countries all over the world including Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Chile, Ecuador, India, Portugal, Peru and Mexico. Presently this company has the 133,886 employees working with it and its head quarter is in Paris, France. The employee growth of Accor is about -8% with global revenue of 7.3 billion United States dollars. It was ranked at number one for the best place to work in the year of 1997.

Present Situation

Presently He is living in his Seine-et-Marne, France and is about 80 years of age.