Philip Diehl Inventor of Sewing Machine
Philip Diehl Inventor of Sewing Machine

Biography of Philip Diehl

Early Life

Philip Diehl inventor of sewing machine is considered as an important scientist of the eighteenth century and he is known as an inventor who invented a number of such things which are used commonly in homes, now days. His is most known for his invention of sewing machine and was a German from the nationality. He was born in the year of 1847 in the month of 29th of January. His place of birth was as Dalsheim which is located in Germany. He was not only an inventor but with that, was a very well known mechanical engineer too. As his first name is known mostly as “Philip” but sometimes he used to spell it as “Phillip” too as per any occasion.


Though he was not as much educated or information about his educational career is not much found but the thing is as that he is considered as very influential scientist as like Thomas Edison or Alexander Bell who are the very famous inventors of Bulb and Telephone respectively. He moved to United States of America in the year of 1868 when he was just 21 years of age and there he lived in New York. He started his professional career over there working with different local machine based companies.


Soon he started work as an apprentice with a very famous Singer Manufacturing company in an apprenticeship. After some time, in the year of 1871 he moved to the Chicago which is located in Illinois, by the company and he started working over there Remington Machine Company. Later after, his all possessions were lost due to some issues and in the same days, he got married and hence starting his own work to create a first practical sewing machine. He succeeded in his task and invented first ever sewing machine.

Inventor of Sewing Machine 

Philip Diehl is considered as the inventor of sewing machine and many other valuable inventions. He is a well known inventor of the last century and this invention can be said as one by him, who gave him sudden fame.

Sewing Machine 

A sewing machine is normally a household and sometimes a commercial level usage device which is used for the sewing as depicted by the name. The sewage done by the sewing machine is that of fabric and clothing most of the times and it is considered as an important machine.  It sews and ties different materials with each other and for that purpose; we use a thread through a needle. Now days, these machines are formed in many shapes either in a form of automatic machine or hand used manual sewing machine. Initially it was invented to lessen the work load of manual sewing by hands.


He died in the year of 1913 on April 7th. He was almost 66 years of age at the time of his death