Physical Activity – Is it Important?
Physical Activity – Is it Important?

Life is beautiful, if you know the proper way to love it. Yes, you got my point, Physical activity, exercise or workout offer attractive appearance, peaceful mind and vigorous body to someone’s. Everybody knows that physical activity or workout cannot only improve physical appearance but also reduce the hazards of various dreadful or cardiovascular diseases. Now days, people are facing several diseases just because of hectic routine and lack of physical activity in their lives. In short, physical activity offers quality life with complete assurance regarding health.

Advantages of daily physical activity: There are various benefits of doing physical activity on daily basis:

  • It help you in reducing your weight
  • Physical activity adds tolerance in the personality
  • Also helpful to lower the blood cholesterol level in human body
  • It is helpful in reducing the blood pressure
  • Reduces the LDL cholesterol from human body and increase the HDL cholesterol.
  • Physical activity plays an imperative role in decreasing the risk of heart attack especially among males
  • A way to get fresh, glowing and soft skin as it improves the blood circulation in human body
  • Physical activity also lower the risk of cancer and diabetes
  • Reduce the chance of falls
  • You can feel more energetic and relaxed throughout the day
  • Through physical activity, one can get strong bones and joints

A peaceful state of mind: A recent study shows that exercise, physical activity or workout is a way to reduce depression. There are different views that how exercise helps individual facing depression and other dangerous diseases. We all know that peaceful mind can perform better than depressive one. Precisely, physical activity blocks pessimistic thoughts from one’s mind by making it peaceful and relaxed. Physical activity also offers a chance to expand social interaction in a positive manner. It also perks up your sleep patterns and mood. Last but not least, physical activity or exercise improves the working of brain hormone.

Perform it for an hour a day: If you want to maintain your health, than make habit of doing physical activity for maximum an hour a day. According to researchers, physical activity reduces stress level and offer energetic and fresh personality. So time to wake up and live a healthy life. Diabetes and cancer patients should perform physical activity for at least an hour per day.

A few Guidelines regarding Physical Activity: According to Australian physical activity center,

Doing exercise or physical activity is better than sitting idle. If you are not habitual of doing physical activity then start it from today, as it is a way to appear active and fresh for the whole day. However, don’t forget to take food filled with nutrients, proteins, iron, minerals and vitamins after that. Human body required nourishing food after workout or exercise to maintain the body strength.

Things that everybody should remember: Before starting physical activity, jumping is good enough to normal the temperature of body. Moreover, don’t forget to wear lose cloths during exercise time because fitted clothes tighten human body and disturb blood circulation. Every week, check your weight to comprehend the benefit of physical activity.