Poor Nutrition affect on Your Health
Poor Nutrition affect on Your Health

Health must be the basic concern of every individual. In order to maintain health individual must take a balanced diet that consists of adequate quality of vitamins, minerals, and other essential ingredients. Taking too much unhealthy food can affect your health like it might lead to food poisoning. On other hand if individual restrict oneself to eating very little amount of food it can be risky.

Some of the food that can affect your health includes:

Green vegetable/ Fruits

Green vegetable or fruit are very good source of minerals, vitamins. One part of individual meal should include such green food. But proper care should be taken before eating them. They should be properly washed with clean water so that the effect of pesticides remains no longer. If food is not washed properly it can lead to food poisoning which is very dangerous.

Raw meat

Meat is essential ingredient of our diet. Proper care should be taken when cooking meat, because uncooked or not properly cooked meat contains salmonella bacteria which may cause food poisoning.

Raw eggs

Egg is one of the commonly used food item for breakfast even lunch and dinner. But something eating things that contain raw/ uncooked egg can be dangerous. Raw egg may consists of bacteria which may interfere with your digestion process and make you sick.


Eating chocolate in balanced amount is not an issue, but problem arise when individual take a large amount of chocolate. Taking it in large amount can result in hormonal changes which ultimately will affect your health. It is high calorie and high sugar food which if exceeded beyond the limit could lead to serious problem like obesity.


There are number of food item that make use of potatoes. Eating potatoes is not a problem but if potatoes are stored for long period of time they develop green patches which contain solanine, which is harmful to health and lead to poisoning. Diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach cramps are symptoms of solanine poisoning.


Cheese is an important ingredient of our everyday routine. It is used mostly in bakery items like pizza. Food containing cheese become problematic when the cheese used is expired. It basically contain a product tyramine, which could make you sick if kept for long period of time. So expiry date of product must be given special attention.


Red colored tomatoes form a part of our salads as well as used in curry. They does not create problem until and unless if care is not taken while washing them. They make lead to food poisoning as indicated by a report in 2008, according to which a number of individual have fallen a victim to them.


Seafood especially fish is an important source of proteins. But a fish known as Tuna may affect your health because it is polluted by scombrotoxin, which causes headaches and cramps. If proper procedure is not followed before cooking, it releases some toxic substance which cannot be overcome even by cooking.It can cause a mild form of food borne intoxication when taken in sufficient quantities.

All of the above mentioned foods are beneficial for health as long as proper care is taken and balance is maintained. Excess of something is always bad, in same way if these food are subjected to misuse they can affect your health. A well-known quote should serve as a guiding principle of our everyday life. According to Anne Wilson Schaef

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account”