Raghav Bahl Founder of Network 18 Media and Investments
Raghav Bahl Founder of Network 18 Media and Investments

Biography of Raghav Bahl

Early Life

Raghav Bahl Founder of Network 18 Media and Investments was born in Delhi, India. He got his early education from St. Xavier’s School, Delhi, India. After completing his early education he went to the St. Stephens College for doing his graduation of Bachelors in the field of Economics Honors. After the completion of bachelors he went for doing his masters in the field of Business Administration, for this purpose he went to the University of Delhi. He also attended the program for doctoral degree from a very prestigious university of the United States, Graduate School of Business, and Columbia University, New York.

Early Career

He started his career as a management consultant in an international company. After that he remained involved in so many works in the field of mass media.

Founder of Network 18 Media and Investments

This Company was founded on 16th February 1996. This company went public in 2006. Raghav Bahl is the founder of this company; he served in the company as managing director until the month of July in 2014.

Network 18 Media and Investments

Network 18 Media and Investments is a company which is located in India. This company is basically a mass media company which is involved in different activities in the field of technology and mass media. The main interests of the company included film, print, mobile content, internet, allied businesses are the fields of business for the company. There is a separate holding company working for the Network 18 which is named as Network 18 FinCap. There are also various media entities in India and this included Television Eighteen India Ltd (TV18), CNN-IBN, Viacom 18, Shop 18, Studio 18, Infomedia 18, Web 18, IBN 18, these all are related with the Network 18 Media and Investments.