Biography of Randy Conrad’s

Randy Conrad’s is the founder of Classmates (was born in Kent, Washington, now he his living in Wailea) which is a mean of communication between companions, present learners and former learners. Classmates have 38 million members and 2 million daily visitors. Web address of classmates is


Randy Conrad’s has done MBA from Pacific Lutheran University in 1976 – 1980. During his education span in Pacific University he joined Night school society and he also worked at Boeing. From 1967 – 1974 he completed his bachelor’s degree in industrial Engineering from Oregon State University during this time period he also joined  Air Force ROTC, Silverwings Drill Team and Cauthorn Hall..

Honors and Awards

He received an honor of Distinguished Engineer in Oregon State University in 2004. He was awarded as a Best 50 Graduates from Pacific Lutheran University Business School in 2011. He has also received award of Entrepreneur of the year.


  • From 1976– 1978 he worked as a “Supervisor in Facilities” in Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
  • He served as a “Contract Manager” from 1987– 1995 in Boeing.
  • And now he is working in

Career in Classmates

  • He works for “Classmates Online, Incorporation” in1995.
  • He assisted as a Founder, Chief Executive Officer till September 2000.
  • And before selling Classmates he works as a Chairman of the Board of Directors till November 2004.


He is an expert in Accounts, misfortune shooting, planning and administration in many disciplines.


He loves to play tennis. He amused himself by watching and playing tennis.


He is linked to the people through LinkedIn and Facebook. Through these interactive sites he let the people  know about him. And through LinkedIn he is connected to 184 people.


He is interested in Politics, Economy and Web businesses.


Classmates application is a communication site for all the schools, colleges and work. It was founded by Randy Conrad’s who serve this app as a Chief Executive Office, President and as a Chairman of board of directors. It was developed in 1995 and become very popular in short period of time.

Rating of Classmates

Now not many people are using this application because this application charge for its services. It is also a view point that design of Classmates is improved but still it is not satisfying users and convincing them to use this. Moreover due to invention of Facebook, the trends are changed and users move towards Facebook and are not using classmates. . This is evident from a survey conducted by that it is on 4,211th peak visited sites. This survey shows that the trend of using classmates is totally vanished.


At present he is working as an Owner in He has been working there since February 2002. And he is now living in Wailea, United States.