Reid Hoffman Founder of LinkedIn
Reid Hoffman Founder of LinkedIn

Biography of Reid Hoffman

Reid Garrett Hoffman founder of LinkedIn (conceived on August 5, 1967). He is the network user businessman, wealthy investor for a long term growth perspective and columnist of Unites State of America. People knew him well as the inventor of LinkedIn and known as the business angel of social net working which he used especially for white-collar of networking. Reid personal finance valued with US$4.7billion economically, and he codified at the #34 among the well heeled people in the world.

Early Life

 Reid Garrett Hoffman birth place is Palo Alto, California. Reid spent his childhood in Berkeley, California. Reid patrilineal grand grand grand grandfather was as the Theophilus Adam Wylie, they were also the Indiana University supervisor and politician of the Christian Presbyterian. One of the Reid uncle’s Eric is author.


Reid Garrett Hoffman got his secondary education from The Putney School, from here he made maple syrup, drove oxen with agriculture products and he got the knowledge of theory. Reid completed his degree in 1990 from the University of Stanford. Reid graduated subjects was Symbolic Systems and Cognitive Science. However, Reid got the Marshall Scholarship and takes the Dinkelspiel Award from the Stanford University. After then Reid moved to do MA philosophy as a Marshall Intellectual in 1993 from the college of Wolsfon and from Oxford University.

Personal Life

Reid Garrett Hoffman got married with Michelle Yee in 2001. They are inhabitants from ten years at the place of Palo Alto, CA.


 Reid Garrett Hoffman started his career with to bring together persuasion leadership in the country for long term. Reid started research on education with a benefit to make this leadership strong, but after sometime Reid perceived that the business platform give him a strong career. The decision of Reid to started work as s Scholar or to do critical study about the reality of society after the study of Stanford University. It was not enough for iterate Kant, because his purpose to show the clear picture of society and want to tell about in which way we are spending our life, and what we want to do in coming days, to be a solely or for a society. But this research only learnt by the 50 or 60 people of society which is not enough and Reid wants more learners.

However, according to this view Reid started o follow the task of doing business and he focus on to become a great businessman. Reid affix in 1994 with the Apple Computer, here he started work on the eWorld, the initial steps of working made this social network,  at the time of 1996 eWorld obtained from AOL. After sometime he start work on Fujitsu, in 1997. The purpose of this is to bring together people in one platform where they searched their partners according to their interest. According to Peter Thiel said it’s a great idea for people. Now it became a social trend from saven to eight years.

Reid Garrett Hoffman invented LinkedIn with his two members of at the time of December 2002. They established this at the date of May 5, 2003, for the one best online people network. Peter Thiel and Keith Rabois were also invested in LinkedIn. In November 2014, LinkedIn covered the strength of 332 million fellows from the two hundred states and territories. This network only used by the inscribed members who made their identity here and communicate with other people. Frobes saied, it is more beneficial for the persond who are searching jobs and for who are running businesses.

In February 2007, Reid was the chief executive officer of LinkedIn for initial four years. Reid take the chair in LinkedIn as the chairman in 2009. Moreover, in May 19 2011, Reid took stake which values considered as the $2.34 billion, which does not accept any prospective advantage to Greylock partners. Here he got the name of Partner in 2009. Reid observed that most of the fellows don’t know to use the functions of LinkedIn and how LinkedIn help out the people in searching jobs. Reid said fellows to make your abilities strong to know about thing hitch you are not understand.


In 2014, Reid wrote the book New York Times bestselling book, he suggested to everyone to read this book by Arianna Huffington.