Robert Adler Inventor of Wireless Remote Control
Robert Adler Inventor of Wireless Remote Control

Biography of Robert Adler

Early Life

Robert Adler inventor of wireless remote control was a very famous inventor and scientist who belonged to the Austrian descent. He invented many things but he is known best for his invention of wireless remote control. He was born in the year of 1913 on December 4th and his place of birth was as Vienna which is located in Austria. His father’s name was Max Adler who was a social theorist by the profession while on the other hand, his mother was name as Jenny who was a doctor and belonged to a well settled family.  His childhood was as same as every normal child and he used to be a good student in very young age but didn’t have any kind of specific interest in the science initially.


He started his education in a young age when he was admitted in a local town school in Vienna. After completion of his initial education from that school, he earned an intermediate secondary school certificate from a college located in the city and later on, moved to University of Vienna for further education. His interest had built up in the field of physics hence after studying over there for some years; he earned his doctorate degree in that of field of physics.

Career and Invention

He was 26 years of age, when he migrated to Belgium in the year of 1939. Reason of this migration was that, Jews were started to be treated badly due to Germany’s hold in that of Austria and as a result he migrated to Belgium initially and later on moved to United Kingdom. His migration travel didn’t end there and he went to United States after some time where he started his career as working in Zenith Electronics. He worked for the invention of remote control over there.

Inventor of Wireless Remote Control

Robert Adler is widely credited for his invention of wireless remote control, which he invented while his stay in United States of America. After this invention he applied for the patent and was awarded a minimum of 58 patents in his total career as a scientist. It is not like that, remote controls were not present before his invention but the concept of wireless remote controls for television emerged after his invention.

Wireless remote control

Wireless remote control can be said as an instrument or device which is used to configure and control different electronic appliances remotely without the issue of locomotion. He developed this controller in the shape that it was without any wire or cable and hence used the rays to control any appliance or product. Currently this technology has progressed a lot and a wide variety is found in this type of remote controllers.


He died in the year of 2007 on February 15th. He was almost 94 years of age at the time of his death.