Subject: Acceptance Letter for Scholarship Application

Respected Sir,

I am  ABC belongs to Country. I have completed my MS 18 Years education with good grades. I have good experience of research work too and published 2 papers.

I am interested in your area of research. I have read your papers titled

Paper A title

Paper B title

Therefore, I wish to do PhD under your kind supervision. I now wish to apply for PhD Chinese Government Scholarship. A willingness letter from a University professor to supervise me will increase the acceptance chances of my scholarship application. I am attaching my CV for consideration. If you like my CV please send me a acceptance/willingness letter in the following format. I will be very grateful to you for your kindness.


Your University Name

Your Department Name


Subject: Willingness to Supervise /Acceptance Letter


Dear Student,

After reviewing your CV, I would be glad to supervise you for your PhD degree in case you are able to get Chinese Government Scholarship (or any other scholarship you want to apply) from the university.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Your Name


Telephone No




Complete details about Chinese Government Scholarships for International Students Application Process are provided here.