Scholarships for Bermudians Students 2016
Scholarships for Bermudians Students 2016

Matriculation / Intermediate / Undergraduate / Graduate / Postgraduate / Post Doctoral Degrees

2016 / 2017 Scholarships in Bermudians and Abroad

Scholarships for Bermudians Students 2016

In 1996 decided that only 3 types of school can open in the Bermuda, These are:

  • An aided school that has all or some part of its property belonging to trustees or board of governors and is partially managed by public funding.
  • A maintained school has the whole of its property belonging to the Government and is fully maintained by public funds.
  • A private school, not maintained by public funds.  The private school sector consists of six traditional private schools, two of which are religious schools, and the remaining four are secular with one of these being a single-gender school and another a Montessori school.

Warwick Academy is one of the oldest schools in the western hemisphere, is in the parish of Warwick, Bermuda. In Bermuda, there are total 26 Public School System, 18 of which are primary schools, 5 are middle schools, 2 senior schools and 1 special school. There is one aided primary school, 2 aided middle schools, and one aided senior school. For higher education in Bermuda, the Bermuda College offers various associate degrees and other certificate programs. Bermuda does not have any four-year colleges or universities degree. Bermuda’s graduates attend four year Universities in the United States, Canada, or England.

International scholarships for Bermudians Students 2016

International Scholarships for Bangladeshi students who want to pursue their education in foreign schools, colleges, institutes, academies and universities who are offering exceptional scholarships for Bermudians Students on the basis of their excellent academic record and need base scholarships. There are several international scholarships for Bermudians students Rotterdam School of Management  Erasmus University scholarships, Axol Bioscience Scholarships, MAWISTA Scholarships, The Eiffel Scholarships (Campus France), Cardiff University Scholarships, The University of Southern Denmark Scholarships, The Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies ( IHRP) Scholarships and more scholarships.