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2016 / 2017 Scholarships in Italy and Abroad

Scholarships for Italian Students 2016

The total literacy rate of Italy is 98.9%. In Italy the education is free and compulsory from 6 to 16  age. Education system is consists of 5 stages: kindergarten, primary school, lower secondary school, upper secondary school and university. Italy has both private and public education system. There are many universities , colleges and academies. University of Bologna is the oldest in the world, that are founded in 1088. University of Bologna is ranking in the top 200 World Universities. Bocconi University is ranking  in the best top 20 business schools in the world. Other top Italian universities that are ranked in the top 50 world universities: Polytechnic University of Turin, the Politecnico di Milano was ranked as the 48th top university in the world, University of Rome La Sapienza was Europe’s 33rd top university, and the Sapienza University of Rome was ranked s the 62nd top university in the world.

This page is especially made for sharing scholarships for Italian students. There are many national/home and international scholarships . The scholarships are for different levels such as Intermediate Scholarships, Secondary School Scholarships, Bachelor Scholarships, Master Scholarships, PhD Scholarships, Postdoctoral Scholarships, BS Scholarships,Undergraduate Scholarships, MS Scholarships, Graduate Scholarships, Postgraduate Scholarships and Fellowships/Research Scholarships. The details of each scholarship is provided on the following links where you can find the subjects, eligibility criteria, how to apply and contact details to look for some scholarship award options you could be eligible for.

Scholarships in Italy 2016

Local/home scholarships for Italian students who want to pursue their education in different schools, colleges and universities of Italy. There are several home scholarships provided for Italian students by different organizations, foundations and universities.

International scholarships for Italian Students 2016

International Scholarships are for Italian students who want to pursue their education in foreign schools, colleges, institutes and universities who are offering exceptional scholarships to Italian Students on the basis of their excellent academic record. There are several international scholarships for Italian students by different countries such as USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and many other European and Asian countries.