Scholarships for Turks Students 2015
Scholarships for Turks Students 2015

Intermediate / O-Level / A-Level / Bachelors / Undergraduate / Masters / Graduate / Postgraduate / PhD / Post Doctoral Degrees

Study in: Turkey and Abroad

Scholarships for Turks Students 2015 

Total literacy rate is 95%, 97.9% for males and 90.3% for females in turkey.In Turkey the Ministry of National Education is responsible for pre-tertiary education.This is mandatory and lasts twelve years in Turkey: four years each of primary school, middle school and high school. 25 t0 34 years old Turks  have completed High school education. Turkey is ranked 32nd out of 34 in the OECD’s PISA study. In Turkey, there are 180 universities and academies in total: 104 of them are state universities, 5 technical universities, 2 are institutes of technology and 1 is a fine sarts university, 71 private foundation universities, 7 are two-year granting institutions, 4 military academies, and 1 police academy. Entry to higher education system depends on the Student Selection Examination (OSS). According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, the top university in Turkey is Middle East Technical University in the 201–225 rank range, followed by Bilkent University and Koç University both in the 226–250 range, Istanbul Technical University and Boğaziçi University both in the 276-300 bracket.

This page is especially made to share scholarships for Turks Students and international scholarships. The scholarships are for different levels such as intermediate, bachelors, masters and PhD,postdoctoral etc. The details of each scholarship is provided on the links where you can find the subjects, eligibility criteria, how to apply and contact details to look for some scholarship award options you could be eligible for. Once you find that you fulfill all the conditions then prepare your documents and apply immediately.

Scholarships in Turkey 2015

National  scholarships are for Turks students who want to pursue their education in different schools, colleges and universities. There are several national scholarships such as Burslari Turkey Scholarships, Civil Society Leadership Awards (CSLA) Scholarships, Erasmus Mundus Scholarships, Franklin Mosher Baldwin Memorial Scholarships, World Bank Robert S. McNamara Scholarships, DAAD Scholarships, Wells Mountain Foundation (WMF) Scholarships, Turk Egitim Vakfı (TEV) Foundation Scholarships.

International Scholarships for Turks Students 2015

International scholarships are for the Turks students who want to pursue their education in foreign schools, colleges, institutes and universities who are offering scholarships to Turks Students on the basis of their excellent academic record. Such as, Fulbright Scholarships, Australian Government Scholarships, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, Ecole Normal Superior (ENS) Scholarships, Danish Government Scholarships and Wells Mountain Foundation (WMF) Scholarships and other famous ones are provided at the link below.