Biography of Scott Heiferman

Scott heiferman founder of Meetup was born in 1972 in United State of America. He is co-creator of Meetup (online public interacting site which bond people according to their interest and provide the facility of offline meeting.)

Early Life

Before developing Meetup he Scott Heiferman was really upset because he don’t know that what he was doing with his life so he started working at McDonald’s in order to generate investment for his company because he don’t have much capital to run his company. Under such conditions he started earning for his company.


He completed his education from University of lowa (located in lowa city, United States). This university is called as “right size” which means every campus enrolls 12,000 students and every class has an ideal strength of 23 students and 160 field of study.

Personal life

He is living in his birthplace this also shows his love and affection towards his hometown. In short he is a true patriotic.


Earlier from the development of Meetup he launched Fotolog (site for sharing pictures), which was later sold in millions. Fotolog gain recognition in very little time and at this point he came to know about a fact that there is no such company which is devoid of competition.


He is linked to the world through LinkedIn and twitter. From these interactive sites he tells people about himself and about important events occurring in his life.


He has done 7 personal investments in 6 companies which are as follows: (largest social platform)

Skillshare (provides virtual learning)

Kickstarter (used for creative projects)

20*200 (in this company he has 2 investments, e-commerce site)

Wee Web (maintain connection between different members of a family in a secure way)

Path 101 (it has been closed)


He worked as an employee is Meetup and Founder Collective, Founder of Meet up, worked as an advisor in Lenndo and last but not the least as a customer of Jukely.


It is a societal interactive site which helps people to group themselves according to their nature of interest and in accordance with their concerning field. Precisely, it categorizes people on the basis of their concern. It was thrown into the market 13 years ago. It supports multi languages which include English, Spinach, French, Japanese; Portuguese, Italian and German. Meetup has 10 million users and generate $12 million twelve-monthly.


Now he is working as a CEO of Meetup. His estimated net worth is $10million. He is now known as a renowned CEO of Meetup.