Secrets of Living a Healthy Life
Secrets of Living a Healthy Life

Visiting hospitals for seeking relief from pain, illness is very hectic as well as not economical nowadays. Everyone nowadays wants to live a healthy, illness free life at any cost. It is a very great blessing that people wish for. Instead of going for expensive ways for living a healthy life, it is also better to go for natural ways that are conditional with your body and environment.

Bring changes in your everyday routine as well as carefully keeping a check on your diet will help you to keep away from sickness and hospitals. Some of the most efficient ways for balanced life include:

Getting your biological needs fulfilled

As humans we all have biological need that demands satisfaction. Among food, water and other needs, sleep is very important component that have a very strong effect on our personality. Sleep deprivation can host a number of health problems like headache, fever, restlessness. Sleep deprivation can lead to stress and hormonal imbalance which can have significant effect on your mood. So getting an appropriate amount of sleep will help you to deal your health issues in better way.

Balanced Diet

Some people have habit of eating round the clock and other people show preference for junk food. Eating too much can have detrimental effect on your health. Researches have shown that eating in less quantity is beneficial for your health. It is always necessary that you eat an amount less than required by your body. If eaten too much you will become lazy and may lead to sickness.

Living a Stress free life

Stress and sickness follow each other; if person is too much stressed its effects will occur in form of sickness. More the person is stress free more he/she is likely to stay away from sickness. It is necessary to adopt healthy ways to deal with stress; most efficient way is to make daily habit for exercise. Exercise not only keeps you fit but also helps you to keep stress free.

Schedule your day

You should have proper schedule of how you are going to spend your day. Keeping yourself busy in some work is also a key to healthy life. Sitting idle doing nothing is parallel to getting sick. However it is advised not to exhaust too much that it leads to stress but you need to maintain a balance between work and rest.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is also associated with poor health. Those individuals who have deficiency are more likely to fall ill; therefore there is a need to increase its amount through intake of necessary items like vegetable and fruit. Green tea, although is not linked to vitamin D but it is also helpful to keep yourself fit. Green tea. Taking a cup of green tea after every meal is also a good belly reducing ingredient. You should try to replace soft drinks with a cup of green tea. It will not only reduce your sugar intake but will also make you slim and fit.


There is a significant difference in health of person who are social, have a large network of friends, are lively, cheerful as compared to individual who are withdrawn, not social, have few number of friends. Therefore it is advised to have a company of sincere friend, to hang out with them, share your issues and get help, all of these are essential to live a life free from illness.

Keeping all of the above points in mind, one can ensure healthy, balanced and illness free life. Being healthy is a great gift for which we should always be thankful to Allah.

According to ED Northstrum,

“It is no coincidence that four of six letters in Health are Heal”