Sigmund Freud Father of Psychology
Sigmund Freud Father of Psychology

Biography of Sigmund Freud

Early Life

Sigmund Freud father of Psychology was born in Pribor, Czech Republic in the year of 1856 on May 6.  He is known as the father of psychology for his prolific and numerous contributions in the psychology. After his early education from a local school, he joined University of Vienna and earned a degree of doctor of medicine from the respective university in 1881. After that he started his career in psychophysics, psychoanalysis, psychology and medicine as a researcher.


Sigmund Freud’s interest in psychology raised as the time passed and he started to conduct researches about mind and human behavior. He studied the human behavior and mind in detail and proposed many important and influential theories about psychology. One of his theories was of id, ego and superego. According to this theory id, part of mind focuses on pleasure seeking behavior and just tries to fulfill his wish through any way either positive or negative. On the other hand, superego is something related to moral values, norms, traditions and customs of society and it cares about these things mostly. Ego is the central point between both of these and works as a referee for both. It finds middle and such way which is acceptable for both parts of mind.


Freud’s study about psychology focuses on almost every part of psychology in a very broad manner. He proposed many theories which are still considered as the very important. His ideas about human behavior and mind are called as the base of modern psychology. His personality theories which include psychosexual social theory and other learning theories explore the basic aspects of human psychology. On the other hand, he was proposer of many schools of thoughts of psychology. He was impressed of thermodynamics which is a law of chemistry and that is why he proposed a theory which is enough similar to thermodynamics and he named it as psychodynamics.

Father of psychology

Freud is truly said the father of psychology because of his influential works in this field. He published many book, Journals and articles about psychology. All of his work is saved in a set which is the edition of the standard work of Sigmund Freud. He proposed many psychotherapies to treat psychological disorders and worked a lot about dreams which was his favorite topic in psychology.


This great psychologist who was proposer of many theories and founder of many psychological therapies died in year of 1856 on 6th of May in London, United Kingdom. At the time of his death, he was almost 83 years of age.