Sikandar Sultan Founder of Shan Foods Limited
Sikandar Sultan Founder of Shan Foods Limited

Biography of Sikandar Sultan

Sikandar Sultan is renowned in the field of Food industry. And all the people are enjoying his food products and he has revolutionized the cooking methods. And it is a very renowned brand and people love to buy and cook in Shan Food. And all the people are well aware from this brand of food.

Early Life

Sikandar Sultan founder of Shan Foods Limited was born in Pakistan. He got his early education from local schools and for higher education he went to St. Patrick’s College and Institute of Business Administration.

Business Profile

He is known for his entrepreneurial skills and as a philanthropist. In terms of business, he possesses a high influential personality in the food sector businesses of Pakistan. He is now working as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a foods company which he founded himself.

Founder of Shan Foods Limited

After completing his degree in Business Administration, he was in search of a business. His entrepreneurial skills made him think of the potential of spices in the country and also its importance outside of the country. It attracted him to startup a business in spices that would earn him internal as well as external benefits. He launched a company in 1981. His company manufactured simple and recipe-mix spices. After sometime when this idea became successful, he decided to convert that spices national heritage into a complete enterprise of food.

This time that small spices cottage factory, turned into a successful big food enterprise incorporated with the name of Shan Foods. Due to his hard work and efficient leadership the company was able to see the success within short span of time and reached a place as the leading company of Pakistan in spices.

Shan Foods Limited

Shan Foods Private Limited is a multinational company of Pakistan in the field of spices and foods department. This company produces spices of two types, i.e. simple and recipe-mix. These spices are being used in so many dishes that include Pakistani and as well as other South Asian recipes.

Apart from its mother country Pakistan, its products are being exported to so many other nations of the world. These nations include almost 60 other countries around the globe including 5 continents. There are three manufacturing plants of the company that are located in three different countries of the world. These three countries are Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Apart from these manufacturing plants, it also owns two offices in the United Kingdom.

Its products became famous because of its nature, as the instant food which is easy to cook, just like that instant food, its recipe mix spices enables its users to easily make difficult traditional dishes without any difficulty and within short period of time.

Timeline for the Company

This Company was started in 1981 as a cottage industry by Sikandar Sultan. In starting era company supplied its products to only local areas. After sometime it started exporting products to Europe because of historical demand of spices in the Europe. Then it began expanding its exporting circle to other areas like the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the Middle East. In less than a decade that company was able to export its products in 25 countries of the world.

After that, company’s next campaign was to penetrate the spices market of northern and central regions of Pakistan which it penetrated then. In 2004, it was able to penetrate the spices market of India also. It was officially and formally launched in India in that year. Then it completed 65 countries of the world through exports. After that Shan Food became the largest company of Pakistan in terms of exporting packaged spices, rice mixes and food.

Apart from producing spices and other products that company launched instant food with the name of “Shoop Noodles” recently and it is also involved as the sponsor of so many cooking competitions in the country.

Other Achievements

In 2008, a food exhibition was held in India, in which Shan Food represented Pakistan in a unique way as “Made in Pakistan”. This exhibition was to improve the ties between India and Pakistan.

He also received an Award from the Prime Minister of Pakistan Yousif Raza Gillani for his exporting performance on 26th September 2009 by the Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

In 2011, Shan Food acquired another company based in Manchester that was also a food company named Raani Foods, mainly involved in sweet dishes of India.

In the same year, he was given a title of marketing Guru of the industry of foods by the Marketing Association of Pakistan (MAP).

He is currently working as the managing director of the company. That designation is held by him since from the beginning of the company.


Many people are working in the food industry but the invention of Shan Limited has changed the whole cooking method. It has facilitated people in making delicious food in no time.