Smartphone Apps for Blood Pressure, A Clever Choice?
Smartphone Apps for Blood Pressure, A Clever Choice?

Surveys of cell phone based applications for the self-administration of hypertension proposes that there is a requirement for more noteworthy oversight, especially for the famous applications that measure a singular’s circulatory strain.  Following points are enough to justify that the Smartphone apps is a clever choice or not.


Albeit the vast majority of the cell phone based applications just record, track, and dissect circulatory strain after some time, and additionally give criticism and general data about hypertension, the couple of applications that utilization the telephone’s camera to gauge pulse without a sleeve have not been accepted, report examiners.

Smartphone, a Measuring Device

Regardless of the possibility that cell phones don’t pass assemble as blood-pressure–measuring gadgets, hypertension patients may acknowledge other application components, for example, following and demonstrating patterns in pulse information exchanged from different gadgets, giving prescription records and updates (e.g., caution suggestions to take meds), observing physical movement, and imparting information to medicinal services suppliers,” composes Green.

Question in Accuracy

A couple incorporate instructive data on hypertension and the DASH diet, which helps lower pulse. In any case, applications that utilization the telephone itself as a blood pressure­–measuring gadget have not been affirmed as exact and ought to be maintained a strategic distance from.

Hazardous Practices

A large number of individuals could be attempting to gauge their pulse with untested, mistaken and conceivably risky cell phone applications, or applications, another study finds.

Researchers Point of View

Colossal Researchers deny adjusting these applications for wellbeing related purposes neither acknowledge to test in clinics.


In a nut shell it is concluded that the above mentioned points depicts that there is neither reliability nor the validity of using Smartphone app for the health related purposes. So use the accurate device for measuring the blood pressure in order to avoid any potential hazard.