Stanislav Brebera Inventor of Semtex
Stanislav Brebera Inventor of Semtex

Biography of Stanislav Brebera

Early Life

Stanislav Brebera inventor of Semtex was a very well known chemistry scientist. He is considered the inventor of very famous Semtex which is an explosive. He was born in the month of August, in the year of 1925 on day 10. He was a scientist of twentieth century so he didn’t remain low highlighted like other some scientists. He was born in Czech Republic which is a smaller region. He started his initial education from the town school and studied there for some years. His father was a poor man and was unable to provide him the expensive educational facilities. That was the reason which led him to work hard from his childhood.


After studying there in town school, he moved to City College and hence for the first time, he saw the chemistry over there. As he was a student of science, hence his interest in chemistry built up time by time and it can be said that, he had decided to be a chemist from very young age. He considered it his passion and always said that it is not just profession but it is my life. Later on, he completed his education from a university in the field of chemistry and fulfilled his dream to become a chemistry scientist.


After the completion of his education in chemistry, he started to find any appropriate job as per his capabilities to start a formal career. He was employed in Research Institute for Chemical Industry which was held Czechoslovakian government in the state. The company is known as Explosia Pardubice now days. He worked there for a long time and always wanted to invent something important. He succeeded and invented the Semtex for the first time.

Inventor of Semtex

Semtex was invented by Stanislav Brebera who was a famous chemist. It was invented in the years of late 1950s and was presented commercially for sale in the market in the year of 1964.


Semtex can be said as an explosive which includes RDX and PETN in it and it is in shape of plastic explosive. The basic functions and usages of the Semtex are as the some military operations and applications, demolition and most specially the commercial blasting. It was very much popular since recent and was used by terrorists on a larger scale because it was very difficult to be detected through RDX detectors. Currently this specification has become less important because of much modern detectors now days. The military name of Semtex is B 1 while on commercial and public levels; it is named in different forms but mostly as SEMTEX 1A or SEMTEX H etc.


He died in the year of 2012 on May 11. He was almost 87 years of age at the time of his death.