Steps to make a concept map in research
Steps to make a concept map in research

It’s a fact that everyone has its own style of reading and writing different things like novel, poems, research papers etc. However, experienced concept map makers use idyllic strategies while building their ideas. Few people begin by creating a set of concepts or few like to place directly the main concept and start linking it with other concepts. In this guide we will discuss different steps that anyone can take while developing concept map.

What Concept map means? For beginners, it is very important to understand the term concept map. Concept maps are generally created by placing a phrase in a box and by using arrows or lines to associate it to other phrase in order to show their relationship. The common types of concept maps are the hierarchy concept map, flow chart and spider concept map. Well, there should are few things that one need to be consider while making a concept map.

Focus Question: It is very important to start by determining the domain knowledge that is familiar to the person constructing the map. Concept map structures rely in the context that they will be utilize, it is better to identify a section of the text, a field activity, or a specific trauma or query that one is trying to resolve. This develops a context that will assist to identify the hierarchical structure of the concept map. It is also beneficial to choose a domain of information for the first concept maps. Better way to explain the context for a concept map is to develop an emphasized question, the query that determines the issue that concept map will help to resolve. Every concept map answered to focus question, and a better focus query lead to an interesting concept map. While learning to construct concept maps, learner needs to diverge from the focused query and develop a concept map related to the domain.

Serious and Rigorous Writing and Review: The concept behind the intensive writing is to write not including editing. You just need to put your thoughts on a sheet without thinking about judgment so that you can evaluate them later one. Write in whatever style you think suits you. Moreover, try to incorporate your ideas on paper instead of paper as it will be easy to edit them. Write as long as you can. Identify your focus of research and research is about what and why. In the end, read what you have written and do circle the words that depict the key concepts.

Time to draw Concept Map: Create a list from the concepts you highlighted plus you can add more as well. Make sure to focus on important one. Afterwards arrange your ideas and thinking and associate them together. Always remember that this is how you look at the research topic and may be others view at it differently. Think about the overall format of your organized things. Review it that whether it reflect the structure or knowledge clearly or not. Now time to draw lines to show the link between the concepts. Try to highlight these connecting links by lines or arrows as it show the nature of association more vividly. When you get satisfied with your developed draft, draw a diagram that shows the display of post-its.

Critiquing the Concept Map: When you will get the draft, find anybody to listen what you have describe. Moreover, ask them to give feedback to you over your ideas. Ask them how well you explained in the actual map. It benefited you about your errors and good points. Last but not least, edit your mistakes that you think you have done or suggestions given by others on your concept map.