Steward Butterfield Founder of Flickr
Steward Butterfield Founder of Flickr

Biography of Stewart Butterfield

He was conceived on 1973 in a rural community named as Lund, British Colombia. He is recognized as a CEO of Slack (software which supports people to discuss and share their awareness and keep people allied) and co-inventor of Flicker (best online photo controlling and sharing).

Early Life

He falls in love with computer when he was a kid. He also trained himself for programming and earn from web designing at college level. In short, he was fond of computer related fields from his babyhood.


He completed BA in philosophy from University of Victoria and MA in the similar field from university of Cambridge.

Personal life

His family shifted to Victoria from Lund. After that his only field of interest was computer. He was wedded to Caterina Fake (creative and CEO of Findery and chairman of the panel at and they both have one daughter.


Steward had illustrious career as a designer, financier and technician. He has been broadcast as a 100 most prominent people in the world.


According to him in order to run a business successfully the most important factor is there is a feeling of sympathy between the colleagues. He also said that he like to hire people who are concerned about other people. In short, he likes people who have human values. And consider this, a key factor to be successful. He, when interviewed by a journalist said that he observed this rule from a restaurant which was running successfully.


He has profile on Twitter and LinkedIn. Through these social networking sites he is associated with people and gives information about his life events etc.


He has done 8 personal investments on following companies

Cozy (serves people by making rent controlling apparatuses readily available to people)

Thing ton (provides different technique of interaction)

99 designs (crafty company)

Bloom Studio (customer fronting network service)

Summify (summarize all topmost news and convey it to people)

Roux be (provide virtual food preparation videos)

Flowgarm (public allocation site)

Etsy (for online shopping)


Flicker provides us with the facility of uploading pictures and managing them. Firstly, in flicker people can share there memorable moments of life with the whole world or to the people of their choice. The technology is changing day by day and instead of storing captured moments on some memory card, camera, mobile devices, computer we can store them on flicker due to which chances of misplacing these pictures videos is very rare. Secondly, it also gives authority to your friends to arrange your pictures and videos.


He is now working as co-creator and CEO of Slack. And his app is the world largest growing app which has a startup of $2.8 billion.