Breakfast is considered as a vital part of our diet. There are many researches present which shows the importance of breakfast through different experiments conducted.

  1. Juices and Nectars

 Juices and nectars contain high amount of calories in them.  And contain synthetic color and flavor. Due to the boiling process which takes place while packing the juice makes it harmful for health. And cause many stomach diseases. Fiber which is the essence of the fruit is lost in juices. So instead of providing any benefit juices become cause of many stomach disorders. They also cause obesity. Amalgamation of acid and sugar cause tooth to degeneration.

  1. Breakfast cereals

The cereals which are available in the market are not good for health. If cereals contain sufficient amount of fiber they are good for health. But the commonly offered cereals are just combination of starch and sugar nothing else. There is no health benefits of such cereals other than they are easily digested.

  1. Muffins

There are many varieties of muffins available in the market. Some are good for health but some are causing incredible destruction to health. The muffins with low calories and fats are good for health as they don’t cause any harm to the health. But the muffins that contain rich amount of jam, chocolate, cream are not good for health. Due to large intake of calories a person may get fat.

  1. Maggi

They just contain flavor and spices nothing else is provided by these Maggi. There are no nutrient benefits provided by them.

  1. Bread with butter

They are also rich source of cholesterol. It is just combination of salt and additives which causes harm to our stomach.

  1. French toast

These are also on the top of unhealthy food. They are no health benefits of eating them. They are just eaten for taste. So far no advantages have been seen by eating these toasts.

  1. Preserved foods

They contain such chemicals which are harmful for the human body. And in preserved much of the nutrients are lost due to the method applied to preserve that food. The product quality is also reduced if proper method of preservation is not followed.

  1. Foods containing Sugar

There are numerous disadvantages that are caused by sugar. The harms caused by sugar to human body are: obesity, badly affect immunity, causes imbalance in hormones, causes infection and last but not the least increases in insulin level in body.

  1. Junk food

Junk food contains large amount of calories which are not good for health. If the junk food is eaten in morning it will cause following problems i.e. depression, obesity, high fat, low energy level and many more. So eating junk food in the morning is not a good choice to eat in morning.

  1. Bagel

Bagel has many disadvantages like due to presence of large amount of sugar it causes diabetes, loss affect bones by blocking calcium and chemicals which harms human body.


The choice of breakfast should be made accordingly to nutrition. There are many healthy available which improves the health. There is list of food that can be eaten in morning i.e. fruits, eggs, milk, yogurt and water. Healthy diet should be preferred while making choice of breakfast.