Interpersonal skills which are also known as soft skills play a very important role in a successful life. These interpersonal skills include communication skills, body language, listening skills and understanding skills. As the world is make progress day by day and the entire world around us have revolutionized in a tremendous way. Due to which they way of taking interview have also be revolutionized.

When the interview is going too held on any communication media such as phone and audio calling on skype. The interviewer cannot see you but he/she makes a sketch in his/her mind about you and as it is well known “First impression is the last impression”. Due to this phone interview plays an important role during selection. Here are some important techniques that are ought to be followed during interview via phone or by using any other communication medium. Below are things you should never say during a Phone interview.

Develop Communication Skills

As communication skills are very important role in interpersonal skills. The way of talking should not be rude. But instead the way of communication should be very polite. The way of talking should be convincing, civilized and understanding.

Be clear in talking and avoid using ambiguous words. And adopt silence when you are thinking instead to uttering words that are wrong or convey your nervous state to the interviewer. Your voice should convey that you are active.

Avoid making weak imprint

After the phone interview recruiting and then hiring is done. So you should be very conscious about your impression on the hiring manager. So should convey an image of passionate person rather than a dull and a person without any ambition.

Avoid giving improper attention

Your full attention should be towards the interview. In this way you will be able to understand the questions in a better way and will able to answer them correctly and perfectly.  Be a place where there is no distraction. And you are fully concentrated towards the interview that is being held.

Don’t be ill-informed about the company

Before applying for job in any company you should be well informed about the company.  And you should get all the knowledge about the company which is necessary. So you should not be left with the question that what is this company? What is the status of this company? What are the goals of that company? Because if you ask these questions from interviewer it creates a bad impression of  you on the interviewer.

Don’t be ignorant about interview

Get yourself mentally prepared for interview doesn’t be astonished on getting a call. And avoid behaving like you are unaware from the interview and make a rough sketch in your mind that what you are going to say. So it will on the whole play a vital role in your interview.


So the interpersonal skills are very important. As these things play an important role in your first impression. And on the basis of that impression your hiring is decided. Being able to communicate what you are thinking and convincing him/her is a great achievement. If all the stated points are removed than there is no chance for rejection. If you have some point in mind enlighten us please.