Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of World Wide Web
Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of World Wide Web

Biography of Tim Berners-Lee

Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee inventor of World Wide Web (conceived on 8 June 1955). He is familiar too as the name of TimBL, he is the English computer researcher and TimBL most familiar for the establishment of World Wide Web. In March a989, TimBL formed a presentation for the documentation of controlling arrangement and TimBL performed the very first victorious transmission with a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) customer, and network service provide throughout mid of November with same year.

Early Life and Education

 TimBL conceived in London, England. Father name of TimBL is Mary Lee Woods and mother Conway Berners-Lee. TimBL father and mother served in Ferranti Mark 1 and their working were on the initial public computer establishment. TimBL got his primary education from Sheen Mount Primary School. After then he moved to Emanuel School and this school located in London south west in the era of 1969 to 1973.

In his childhood, TimBL hobby is to collect trains and locomotive numbers anxiously. TimBL knew about the uses of transistors or microchips from repairing the model of railway. TimBL got his graduate degree with outstanding performance from The Queen’s College, Oxford, in 1973 to 1976.

Personal Life

TimBL got married in 2014 with Rosemary Leith at the place of St James’s Palace, London. Before this TimBL married with Nancy Carlson at the time of 1990 and this married life go end on divorce. His wife is the administrator of the World Wide Web Organization and she was the classmate of him at Harvard University.  Before this, his wife was on the World Economic Forum YouGov.


TimBL is the chairperson of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), he is the supervisor in this company for the continued progress of the web. As TimBL is the inventor of the World Wide Web and he is the experienced scientist and possessor of Inventors Chair on MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). TimBL is also the chairperson of the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI), and representative of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence as the recommending to the board. In 2011, TimBL name announced as the representative board Trustee for the Four Foundation.

In 2004, TimBL selected as the medieval gentleman-soldier from Queen Elizabeth II for help in new ideas or methods work. At the time of April 2009, TimBL selected as the foreign organize for the United State National Academy of Sciences. TimBL appreciated as the founder of the World Wide Web throughout the time of 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony. Here TimBL became visible as the working on the Next Computer on the London Olympic Stadium. TimBL announced ‘’anyone can use this’’ which immediately explain in LCD lights connected with the 80,000 people chairs with audience.

World Wide Web

TimBL invented the World Wide Web at the place of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with the help of Defense Advanced Research Project Agency and with European Commission. It consisted on different organizations that were ready to design caliber and suggestion to upgrade the standard of the web. TimBL establish this web as free in cost and does not include any charges. The organization took decision that this web consists on royalty free technology, and then everyone comfortably joins this.


At present TimBL is running the union of people and other exclusive firms like Face book, Google, Intel and Microsoft from the Alliance for Affordable Internet established in 2013.