Tips to Overcome /  Deal / Fight Depression
Tips to Overcome / Deal / Fight Depression

Life is not a bed of roses. At one time or other we may feel upset, lonely or sad. These feeling are considered as normal part of a human life. As long as the person is able to overcome them without having much effect on his/her life, it is normal, problem occur when these feeling are prolonged and they significantly impairs individual daily functioning like they interfere with relationships, role functioning etc.

Defining Depression / What is Depression

What actually depression is? We can say it is a state in which a person is so preoccupied by sadness that he/she is unable to carry out normal routine tasks, sleep and appetite may be disturbed, has difficulty concentrating and there may be feelings of guilt. (APA, 2013). Depression is known as common cold of psychiatric disturbances.

Ways to Overcome Depression / Fight Depression

Overcoming depression is not easy but at the same time it is not impossible. Some type of depression require clinical attention, while other type of depression can be overcome by following simple wonderful tips.

Daily Schedule of Exercise

Active body is more able to overcome depression, so a person should make a schedule for daily exercise even if it is for 10-15 minutes. By giving time and attention to yourself, a person is less likely to become a victim of depression.

Goal Setting

Until and unless person him/herself is motivated to get out of depression, nobody else can help. Start with small goals, try to build your interest in that goal, once you have accomplished it, then set a slightly higher goal. In this way move progressively from small to large goals. Key point is that you need to reinforce yourself after the set goal has been accomplished in order to avoid being fatigued.

Mindfulness Skills

Mindfulness is that you accept your thoughts, and feeling without judging them. Learning mindfulness skills like breathing, meditation and yoga help individual overcome depression, it prevents relapse.

Distracting Yourself

Since in depression is person mind is occupied by negative pattern of thinking, so one best tip is to distract yourself in one way or other like start reading an interesting book, or by engaging in some activity.

Adequate Sleep

Sleep is a natural mechanism that refreshes your body, so getting an adequate amount of sleep is good for your body and mind. Even if you are unable to sleep just try to relax yourself.

Support Group

Joining a support group will enable depressed individual to feel better, because in such groups, individuals from variety of backgrounds share their feelings and thoughts which reinforces the individual that he is not alone who is undergoing suffering but a number of people also share same problem. Basically such groups instill feeling of hope in individual.

Challenging Yourself

Acceptance that one is suffering from a particular problem is a first step towards recovery. So a depressed individual need to first identify what basically is, that is making him depressed, one’s identified he need to challenge it and at the same time provide an alternative for that thing. Like if particular thought like I am failure is making you feel depressed, then you should challenge it by providing proof to yourself that you are not a failure.


Interacting with people, having chat with them also helps a lot. If socializing with people is not possible, then keeping a pet, taking care of it is also a good alternative.

Exposure to Sunlight

Since in depression person mood is gloomy, an interesting fact is that exposure to sunlight is effective in overcoming depression. Light has positive effect on your mind. Less the amount of light, higher will be the depression level is.

Freedom of Expression to Yourself

Letting out your feelings, emotion, giving freedom of expression helps to prevent depression. If the person do not express him/herself, these negative feeling will build up inside a person. When threshold for tolerance will end, all these accumulated feelings will burst just like volcano eruption. This exposition will lower down individual’s self-esteem.

Truly said by Stephen Fry

“If you know someone who’s depressed, please resolve never to ask them why. Depression isn’t a straightforward response to a bad situation; depression just is, like the weather”