As it is common observation that human resource manager or the recruiter cannot view a resume more than a minute. In this time the candidate have to make such an impression on the human resource manager that he will be convinced on hiring you. As the hiring authorities do not directly meet the candidate. And by viewing the resume the selecting authority or the interviewers makes a mental model of that candidate. Due to this reason the resume ought to be effective. That by viewing the resume the interviewers is forced to select you due to your intrapersonal skills. As it’s a proverb that first impression is the last impression. So this first impression should be created in an effective way. So while writing a resume the below mentioned tips / Ways to get your resume / CV noticed should be kept in mind.

Follow the standards

There is a standard for writing a resume. There is some template which is followed while writing the resume. While writing resume the creativity is not preferred because selection is not based upon the imaginative exertion but on the basis of skills which are required for that job. So extensive changes should not be avoided and the standard should be followed. There is also a risk that the candidate skills are hidden due to the format. And moreover due to change in format it’s hard for the recruiter to read skills at a glance. And more time is spend in finding the required skills. And there is shortage of time while reading resumes because there are large number of resumes existing.

Focus on Excellence

While writing a resume quality is always preferred rather than the size or length of the resume. A candidate is not selected on the basis of length of the resume which is submitted. But on the basis of the qualities that are possessed by a candidate. So while writing the resume the full consideration is paid to the quality.

Use Highlight line of attack

In writing a resume where there is important text it is highlighted. In creates a sense of convince for the hiring authority to distinguish between the resumes and between different candidates. Due to this way of presentation the resume can be preferred on other resumes and this technique increases the chance of selecting.

Avoid using traditional words

Recruiters are bored by studying the same traditional words repeatedly. So a best approach to attract the hiring authorities towards resume is to go out of way. And introduce some new vocabulary in the resume. It’s an easy way to grasp the attention the hiring authorities.

Make fluctuating according to the job description

As different jobs have different requirements. Make amendment to you resume in order getting it accepted by hiring authorities. These amendments are made in   accordance with the job requirements, organizational standards and nature of job.


Whenever resume is submitted that above mentioned five points should be kept in mind. If the resume is written in accordance with these principles the chances of hiring are increased in a tremendous way. So special heed should be paid to these points described above. Do you have some tip in mind?