Top 10 rules to Follow before Presentation
Top 10 rules to Follow before Presentation

When you are about to give an important presentation, it is very difficult to add some different contents and set the mind with new ideas which previously were not included. You have set the basics of your presentation, which includes PowerPoint slides, the audience whom you are going to address and place where you will be tested as a presenter. Now you cannot go move backward, you have to present yourself as a speaker. In this type of condition certain type of anxiety and fear can be generated which will ultimately cause negative effect on your presentation. So to avoid this type of situation there are some rules which can be help full for you to be an efficient speaker.

1. Go to washroom: It is very common in these types of situations that in anxiety a person need to go to toilet. So don’t shy and use it that will feel you comfortable.

2. Check the area of presentation: Visit the presentation hall first and analyze everything there. By doing so you will be familiar to the place and that will reduce your anxiety. Seating arrangements and probability for number of audience can be known. It will create a scenario in your mind and boost up your confidence.

3. Have a conversation with some persons from your audience: Have some chit chat with some persons and it will help you in two ways, firstly it will give you some additional ideas which come from different minds and secondly you will become familiar with your audience. Strangers will no more be strange for you. You will feel relaxed like you are talking to your friends.

4. Use long and deep breaths:It is scientific reason that anxiety blocks the muscles movement and makes them tight, amount of oxygen also decreases. So taking long deep breath will give you the power because it will increase the amount of inhaling oxygen, ultimately reduces anxiety.

5. Make opening sentences in your mind: Create the structure of sentences in your mind which you want to say in the opening of the presentation. Either you will start with any saying or your own life story, when you will know that how you will start your presentation, that will give you a lot of energy in shape of confidence.

6. Think positively: During the presentation negative feelings will come in your mind, just like the feelings of fear and nervousness. You have to replace these negative feelings with positive ones i.e. using sentences like “I can do it”, “Others are unknown to the topic and I am only one who is expert”.

7. Keep on smiling: Wear a smile on your face to look pleasant. Smiling relaxes the muscles of your face and helps your brain to keep calm. This technique will help you in a sense that it will create positive impression in the mind of listeners that you are confident.

8. Drink water: Before your presentation, do not eat junk food only drink water at room temperature. Because eating junk food will leave a feeling of vomiting in anxiety but drinking water will relax you.

9. Do some exercise: Before presentation go to some private place and do some light exercising just like stretching and bending your arm. It will give you good feelings.

10. Stand up sometime before presentation: If you turn is just about to come and you are at the backstage, stand up there do not sit. Sitting will make you inactive and motionless but standing up will keep you warm up and ready for presentation.

Conclusion: Generally every person feels nervousness and anxiety on the stage while presenting some topic. Completely finishing these sorts of feelings is not possible. We can only control on these feelings with psychological game. These ten rules are very helpful to make you psychologically strong and overcome these negative feelings and present yourself as confident and dynamic personality on the stage.