Top College Majors with Highest Starting Salaries
Top College Majors with Highest Starting Salaries

Getting our basic needs of hunger, thirst, safety, love and belonging is of prime importance for every human being.  We each of us make efforts to satisfy them through getting proper education and employment. One right decision about which college degree we should master in will pave way for satisfying these need. Below are some of the degree that will enable a person to achieve his/her world of dreams.

Petroleum Engineering

Demand for petroleum engineers has increased with advancement of technology as discovery of new sites for oil/ Natural gas is under way especially in countries with large oil reservoir. According to a statics the average starting pay of petroleum engineer in US is about $65,771 – $192,070.

Electrical Engineering

According to a study the average starting income of electrical engineers is around $57,030.  Graduate of this profession are basically the one who have laid the basis of electronic devices, like mobile, Tablets, laptops etc. These people have range of careers option available in No. of industries like Power generation industry, Telecom, Utilities industry and many more.


A profession that comes under health services and render useful service to humanity is dentistry. It can be regarded as one time investment with unlimited profit. These people have an upper edge on other profession firstly because one in every third human has a reason to visit a dentist and secondly there is drastic increase in salary with specialization.

Software Engineers

Since with advancement of technology the balance have shifted from manpower to computer, so computer engineers basically develop software. They are also responsible for networking. Survey by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) has indicated average starting salary around $70,300.

Computer Software

A person with good programming skillshave great value in industry. Even for starters with or without experience starting pay of individual is around $61,600.

Aerospace Engineering

Although it requires great deal of effort to get a degree in aerospace engineering, but today the scope of this field is wide spread. Beginners in this field have starting pay around $69,600. They are involved in developing new technology like related to space, helicopters, missiles etc.


It may seem surprising but mathematicians also score a position in top degrees with outstanding starting pay. Beginning wage is around $53,570 and median earnings is around $95,150. It is such a subject which offer its services in large number of fields like aerospace engineers, professors, chattered accountants and many more.

Nuclear Engineering

It is a nuclear era, country strength is judged by the amount of nuclear weapon it possess. In developed as well as developing nations the role of nuclear engineer is to develop ways to get maximum possible benefit from nuclear energy. According to a survey the starting pay us around $65,100.

Pharmaceutical Representative

The individual with this college degree have starting pay of around $59,000.Pharmaceutical representativeprovide drug information and product samples to physicians. In addition to attractive salary, this profession help them develop professional and communication skills.

Mechanical Engineering –

The starting pay of mechanical engineer is about $56,055. They design and construct machinery used in various industries.


Justice is essential part of every country policy. Lawyers are individuals who directly deal with settling matters related to any kind of dispute and restore justice to the suffering individuals. They also have an attractive starting salary around $54,460.


It is an attractive job with numerous advantages. The pilots as a part of their job get an opportunity to visit number of countries. They also get a number of bonuses as well.

As said by William Vickrey

“I define genuine full employment as a situation where there are at least as many job openings as there are persons seeking employment, probably calling for a rate of unemployment, as currently measured, of between 1 and 2 percent.”