Toshitada Doi Inventor of Compact Disc
Toshitada Doi Inventor of Compact Disc

Biography of Toshitada Doi

Early Life

Toshitada Doi inventor of Compact Disc is a very famous inventor and scientist who belongs to the Japanese descent. He is known best for his invention of compact disc which laid the foundation of new history in the world of storage devices and made it much easy and convenient to store the data and information travelling. He was born in the year of 1943 in the month of February 2nd and his place of birth was as local town located there near Tokyo in Japan. He is a very famous electrical engineer of Japan and is still alive by the date. He invented many things related to his field but this thing became as his identity.


He started his formal education when he was just some years of age by studying in his local town school. He was a below than average student in his childhood and was not much interested in his studies but later on, his interest built up as the time passed, in the field of sciences. After completion of his initial education, he joined the Tokyo Institute of Technology where he started to study the field of electrical engineering. After some years, he earned his degree in the field in the year of 1964 when he was 21 years of age. He continued his education and completed it in the way that got the final degree of doctorate from Tohoku University of Japan in the year of 1972.

Career and Invention

After the completion of his education, he started his formal career soon, when he was hired for a job in the “Sony” company which is one of the best known companies all over the world. He started working in the audio projects over there and was the team leader too. He invented the PCM adapter and later on came with the design and invention of compact disc.

Inventor of Compact Disc

Toshitada Doi is widely credited for his invention of compact disc, which he invented while his work in Sony Company. That was not the only invention on his credits but he had invented many other things over there or in other words, was the driving force behind those inventions e.g. CIRC error correction system etc.

Compact Disc

Compact Disc can be said as a storage device which is digitally formatted optical data storage disc.  The basic aim behind its invention was to store the playback sounds and to play later on, but afterwards, it was developed to the modern format of a CD – ROM and specifically as a CD –R. There are many other formats of the compact disc under the derivations which are as VCD, CD – RW, CD – I, Photo – CD etc.


Currently he is 71 years of age and is residing there in Japan. He had stopped worked in the field but is still considered an authority in himself.