Ways to Sleep Better During Allergy Season
Ways to Sleep Better During Allergy Season

As summer comes, and flowers blooming, the increase in pollen will result in allergies like itching, sneezing, stuffiness and red watery eyes. And most of allergic sufferer complain that their sleep disturb at bed time because of this. So with little effort of reading 9 ways to sleep better during allergy season you can sleep better.

Keep your indoor air clean. ­­­­­­

Staying indoors is a great way to escape pollen. Household dust, pet hair, dander, and allergens tracked in from outside can contribute to allergies in the house. To keep your indoor air as clean as possible, use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter in your bedroom. Regularly inspect window and door seals if outdoor allergens are a problem, and if you suspect mold anywhere in your home.

Use of De-Humidifier

Warm, moist air is a breeding ground for allergy-triggering mold and bacteria.  In rainy and humid environments, keeping a dehumidifier in your bedroom helps suck out some of the moisture so it’s harder for allergens and mold to grow.

Keep your sheets Clean

Washing your bed sheets regularly with proper washing detergents is key to sleeping well during allergy season in order to remove dust pollen or hair because one don’t know what will cause sneezing .

Consider Anti-Allergy Bedding

Anti-allergy bedding uses technologically advanced fabrics that stop the pollen, dust, and dirt from creeping into your mattress, resulting in less nighttime irritation. It’s also wise to skip feathers and wool that can’t be regularly laundered, since they can harbor.

Use of Anti-Allergy

If you take short-acting allergy medications, don’t forget night time dose, take medicine at bed time to take better sleep.

It’s Time for New Mattress

The older your mattress and pillows get, the more dust, skin cells, sweat, and body oils get trapped inside of them, especially if you haven’t been using a mattress protector so change the mattress before its getting too old.

Avoid Fluffy Pillows

After a long and hectic day when you go to bed and sleep over a fluffy pillow your sleep flew at once. Because these fur pillows are medium pollen and dirt to set in, so avoid pillows.

Don’t Allow Pets in Home these

Cats and dogs are walking allergen. So don’t allow them inside the home especially bedrooms.

Shower at Night Instead of In the Morning

Shower at night and slip into fresh clothing, and you wash all that stuff down the drain so it doesn’t end up in your bed.


People who suffer from the seasonal allergies are well aware that the symptoms of allergy such as the itching, stuffiness, the sneezing and general discomfort do not stop at bedtime. Allergies will affect sleep by making it more difficult to fall and stay asleep. More than thirty percent of allergy sufferers say that the allergy symptoms affect their sleep.so they try all these ways to get rid from these problems.