What are high quality conferences?
What are high quality conferences?

Research has become very competitive these days and it is very important to know what are high quality conferences. As it is very important to know the repute of the conference where you are publishing. Usually there are some basic characteristics which tells us about the repute of conferences.

1) They are very strict in accepting the papers related to research areas mentioned on the journal page.

2) The editorial board members are well known people in their area of research.

3) They are usually published by well known publishers e.g. Springer, IEEE, ACM, Elsevier, Wiley etc

4) Most of them have special discounted registration for students’ papers sometime about 50%.

5) High rejection rate, due to only accepting high quality work.

6) Detailed comments sometime even more than 3 pages for a 10 pages paper.

7) At least two/three well known reviewers provides reviews.

8) Participants are from all over the world means from different countries.

9) Very detailed and pretty complex proposed methods.

10) Many papers which totally have new applications or datasets related problems.

11) Key Note speeches are from the top 10 ranked experts in the areas of research of that conference.

10) Papers accepted in these conferences usually get on the average more than 10 citations per paper.

11) Conferences are more importantly considered by Computer Science field so most of the above points are true for computer science.

12) Some top level conferences in the area of computer science are


13) The deadlines are very strictly followed and no extensions usually.

14) The registration deadlines are also strictly followed.