What are the common steps of writing a research proposal?
What are the common steps of writing a research proposal?

What are the common steps of writing a research proposal? is a question every student asks from him for research oriented degree.  Research proposal is road map for a student to follow for completing his research thesis. The main purpose of research proposal is to ensure following steps:

  • The applicants have done enough preliminary research or investigation in their specified area.
  • Did they overview the concerned issue and whether able to provide accurate description of the selected topic, they are planning to investigate.

Beside the purpose, there are some steps that should be followed while writing a research proposal. In this guide, we will discuss all the steps in detail.

Title Page: Well, in order to produce a vivid research proposal, writer needs to be clear about the area of research. Additionally, title of the research should be accurate and to the point. Don’t make the title of research too long. Also mention about the time of submission of your research proposal on the title page. Moreover, title page includes personal information like

  • Name
  • Academic Title
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact information
  • Institutional contact

Abstract or brief introduction of the research problem: In abstract, make sure to provide the summary of the research topic that whether the topic is new or did anyone already worked on that. What sort of challenges and aspects, you are going to identify while doing research.

Objectives of the research: Writer should have some objectives for it. Therefore, make sure to concise outline of the academic, non-academic, social and political objectives that you want to get through your research. Why you intended research and why it was important should be mentioned in your Research proposal. Moreover, what type of actions and efforts you have done to conduct your research. Such information is necessarily required in a research proposal so don’t forget any of the steps.

Outline of the research project: This is an essential step of every research proposal. Make sure to mention following points while writing research proposal under the outline step.

  • Mention your research process within the available time.
  • List up all the resources and quality of confirmation you will confer, the methodical procedure and the timetable you will pursue.
  • Also mention about the process of data gathering, the types of data analysis to be followed in your research proposal.

Make sure to follow flexible plan for your research and do revision of your proposal according to the requirements. Moreover, modify your research if it is acquired.

Methodology for research: Another common and important step of writing a research proposal is to mention the methodology you have used. Basically there are two types of research methodologies.

  • Quantitative methodology
  • Qualitative methodology

Timetable, another step: Develop a timetable portion in your research proposal that indicate about the order of research phased. In short, mention about the time span your research process has been taken.

Research Bibliography: Make a portion in your research proposal to list up all the academics works and other important websites, you consulted while working on your research.  This is the second last step of writing a research proposal.

Attachments and Editing: The last step of writing a research proposal is to list up all the documents details, you have used in your research. It includes different websites, references and CV etc. last but not least, before competing research proposal make sure to check it once, in case, you need to do any editing before submission.