What is Academic Dishonesty
What is Academic Dishonesty

Academic Dishonesty Definition: 

Dishonesty in any spare of life is counted as bad thing. Teachers are considered as examples for students to lead their life in a better way. Students sometime follow their teachers blindly that’s why academic dishonesty may create a lot of problems socially. Academic Dishonesty comprises of any conscious/unconscious venture to distort, manufacture or overall mess with information, data, records, or whatever viable material that is pertinent to the learner’s cooperation in any course, research facility, or other scholarly practice or capacity. There are different types of academic dishonesty in both teaching and research which are as follows.

Types of Academic dishonesty:

Here we explain each type of academic dishonesty with respect to its nature.


It is copying or reproduction of others work or ideas without referencing her/his work. There are different reasons due to which people plagiarizes other people work. Such as, they want to get promoted quickly by publishing research papers or they want to earn more by publishing more research papers as award etc.

Professional Misconduct:

Giving some students extra grades by not properly checking papers, quizzes or assignments. It also include not teaching the complete or most part of the course outline. Some people also dont teach full class time and total credit hours which is necessary to compete the course with proper details.


Utilizing or endeavoring to utilize unapproved materials within any scholarly practice or having another person to do work for you. Illustrations of duping incorporate taking a gander at an alternate learner’s paper throughout a test, bringing a response sheet to a test, acquiring a duplicate of a test preceding the test date or submitting homework acquired from an alternate understudy.


Designing or distorting data is called fabrication. Researcher sometime report the data which is not actual result of the experiments. They fabricate it to show the worth of their method. It is a common practice in the countries with less moral and academic values especially in third work or under progress countries.

Encouraging scholastic unscrupulousness:

It is helping someone to deceive in test or exam. This includes giving someone your homework or assignment to copy / duplicate your work solve the exercise with the help you his solved exercise.

Copyright infringement: 

It is violation of others copyright by utilizing the words or ideas of other scholars without giving proper reference to their work. You show it that they are your plans or ideas. This may include copying all work or rephrasing others idea in your own words, to abridging work without recognizing the source.


Submitting home work or assignment done for one class for another class. This may include using your previous published work and adding nothing much and publishing it again to increase the number of published papers.

Misleading and deception:

Lying about your work, achievements and records to misguide people to think great about you. Telling falsely someone about your marks and making fake letters of skills and qualification is one very common form of academic dishonesty.


Using fake emails of other people to influence someone for getting undue benefits. It is willfully breaking into someone else computer to make account on that system, and to access private documents and using them to get benefits. It also includes intentionally spreading infection in someone computer with virus.


Giving assignments solutions to students or exam test questions to students for money. Sometime it also includes giving personal tuition to student in form of providing services to provide them with exam answer questions or relaxing them in assignment by providing clear hints etc.


When some teacher keeps in mind some students identity to give him/her extra favor in exams or assignments is act of impersonation. Especially some teachers likes some girls of bold nature in class or some female teachers like some handsome boys in class and give them undue favors in exams.


Sometime your competitors willfully try to disrupt your experiments by destroying your equipment. They also try to engage you in useless work or additional work in the department so that you cannot concentrate on your work. Their final goal is to stop you from completing your research work successfully.


Academic dishonesty is an undeniable fact of academic community. It has very bad impact on the teachers as well as on the students. There should be some preventive measures and check and balance to keep people away from this curse. Especially there should be very clear punishments for the deeds so that people do think before doing any sort of academic dishonesty.

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